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Organize Your Own Sports League

Jul 01, 2013

Business... it's something that goes hand in hand with all sports. Every sport has evolved into major business that produces billions of dollars around the World. The NFL alone makes 1 billion dollars a year!!! So... you say you  love sports and you love money? Well why don't you figure out how to run your own sports league? You can run a league now as a kid in the schoolyard to prepare yourself so when you graduate Harvard University with major degree in Business, you'll be ready to run your favorite Pro League... or even make your own.


Organizing a GameOrganizing a GameCourtesy of www.europasat.com

Sports are so much fun, but sometimes they can be a pain in the neck to organize. It takes a strong leader to make phone calls, IMs and emails to find enough players to play a game of football at the park. Step one to creating your own league is to find lots of players who want to play and make sure they come to play the games.

Fair is Fun

Picking TeamsPicking TeamsCourtesy of cscostaricab2011.goputney.com

Now that you've got your players, it's important to make every game fun so your players want to come back and play again. The best way to do this is to make sure the teams are fair. No one like to play sports when one team blows out the other. Even the professional teams make sure the worst teams get the first draft picks to put some effort into evening out the skill level of every team.

Radical Rivals

Team LogosTeam LogosCourtesy of www.freewebsitetemplates.com

Now that the teams are fair, it's time to make rivals. Give each team a team name with a logo and colors. It's important that the players feel proud to be on their team. You can even create fun posters with the team logos, pictures of players with the date and time of the next game. Include the teams' win-loss records so they get competitive to make their record improve every game.

Site Stats

Website for Sports LeagueWebsite for Sports LeagueCourtesy of thriva.com

Imagine every week your basketball league (or your floor hockey league, ping pong league, soccer league etc), has a game or two. You keep track of the teams records and you write down the scores, keep track of who scores the most points, give out an MVP award at each game voted by the opposing team... you have to display these stats somewhere where your players can see them. Make a website! Making a website is so easy and fun and it is going to make your players excited to see how well their team is doing and what's happening next week.

Video Highlights


There's nothing more exciting than a video of a game-winning shot, or a spectacular goal, of just an amazing highlight reel to show the passion to win. If you post videos on youtube of your league highlights between two teams, watch how quickly your league will double to 4 teams and then 8 teams. If you want your league to grow, everybody wants to be a star on youtube, so make sure to keep a camera rolling on the sidelines.

Seasonal Super Cup

Team TrophyTeam TrophyCourtesy of photos.onepakistan.com

The most important thing to make a league successful is to have a huge championship game at the end of every season. The NHL became a dream to millions of children as the prosperity of winning the Stanley Cup grew every year. You can do just this with a homemade trophy that your dad helps you build out of some scrap wood and an old lamp vase. Do whatever you can to hype up the quest for your championship and your league will become a success!

Expert Experience

Sports League FansSports League FansCourtesy of gtasportsleague.com

Now that you're running a sports league that every kid in town wants to play in, you can gain the experience that will give you the knowledge to run or make a real league that makes money. There are a lot of ways to make money in a sports league whether it's professional, amateur or just for children like the one you are running. Whatever it is, you are ready to handle the challenge because you know what it takes to make a sports league work!

Have Your Say...

Do you want to start your own sports league? We want to hear all about it in the comments below. Email us pictures and your story and we'll write a story about your league!