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Bringing the Characters of Frozen to Life

Oct 28, 2013

By: Lynn Barker

In Part 1 of our article about our visit to the Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, California to discover how the new animated musical film Frozen was put together, we told you all about the story and “look” of the movie. Now it’s time to talk with animators and computer artists about how they brought the many characters to life on screen. We even get to go hands on and operate a motion capture camera and manipulate our own computer version of snowman Olaf.

Kidzworld reporter operates a Motion Capture cameraKidzworld reporter operates a Motion Capture cameraCourtesy of Walt Disney Animation

Acting Through Animation – We are with the animators: Lino Disalvo Head of Animation, Wayne Unton (Animation Supervisor), Becky Bresee, (Animation Supervisor). 

Wayne Unton, Becky Bresee and Lino DisalvoWayne Unton, Becky Bresee and Lino DisalvoCourtesy of Walt Disney Animation

Lino Disalvo tells us that his department got the script a couple of years ago and knew what a huge project and big movie it was going to be. Many of the animators actually act out the scenes they have to create. An acting coach was brought in and talked emotions in detail for every main character. What are they feeling and when?