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Thor: The Dark World Movie Review

Reviewed by on Nov 12, 2013
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews Thor: The Dark World movie which reunites Thor, his lady love Jane and Thor’s troublesome brother Loki in a new adventure.

By: Lynn Barker

With the planets and realms aligning for the first time in eons and a truly evil enemy ready to use the event to destroy all realms but his own, Thor will be busy in Asgard and unable to return to his love Jane on Earth. Jane’s scientific curiosity leads her to explore a weird “tunnel” on Earth that leads to her “infection” by a very dangerous ancient force. It’s Thor to the rescue.. with evil bro Loki in tow to help out. Talk about asking for trouble!

Thor after a battleThor after a battle

The Backstory

We are told that hundreds of years before, Bor, the father of Odin (Thor’s dad) warred with the Dark Elf Malekith, who wanted to destroy the universe using a weapon known as the Aether (which looks like floating red Kool-Ade). After conquering Malekith's forces, Bor safeguarded the Aether within a stone column. Bor didn’t know but Malekith, his lieutenant Algrim, and a few Dark Elves escaped into suspended animation.

Creepy Evil Elf MalekithCreepy Evil Elf Malekith

Jane Disappears

In present-day Asgard on Thor’s homeworld, his brother Loki is still imprisoned for his war crimes on Earth (from The Avengers movie). Meanwhile, Thor, alongside his warrior buddies, still fights on another world to cement peace on all the Nine Realms. The Bifrost (or teleporting tunnel that got Thor to Earth in the last movie) is recently repaired. In Earth’s London, Thor’s love astrophysicist Dr. Jane Foster is trying to date and forget Thor, who hasn’t returned as he promised but her intern Darcy has discovered a weird area in a factory where objects just disappear as does Jane when she checks it out!

Loki in his posh prison cellLoki in his posh prison cell

Attacked by Aether

Jane is teleported to another world where her body becomes the home of the Aether weapon as it absorbs into her blood. Meanwhile, Thor learns about a coming alignment of planets and realms that link the worlds in portals like Jane fell through. They appear and disappear at random. Thor looks for Jane on Earth, finds her and sees that she has a powerful force inside her. To protect her, he takes her to Asgard with him. Asgardian “doctors” don’t know how to help her but Odin recognizes that the Aether is inside her and will kill her in time.

Jane and Darcy figure out the alignmentJane and Darcy figure out the alignment

Malekith Attacks Asgard

Awakened when the Aether went into Jane, Evil Elf Malekith and his forces attack Asgard also searching for Jane to again control the Aether inside her. They fail and flee and only Loki knows how to get off Asgard to confront and kill him without Odin, who wants to avoid Malekith, finding out. Thor, Loki and Jane escape via a secret portal to Malekith’s world where they hope that Jane can lure him out to his destruction.

Loki and Thor ready to battle MalekithLoki and Thor ready to battle Malekith

Loki, Friend or Foe?

Loki tricks Malekith into drawing the Aether out of Jane. However, Thor's attempt to destroy the substance fails, and the Aether-empowered Malekith leaves with his ship as Loki appears to be fatally wounded and die while protecting Thor. Thor and Jane find a cave with a teleporting portal and go back to Earth where Jane’s mentor Dr. Selvig, Darcy and her intern Ian end up using their scientific equipment to battle and, with Thor’s help, kill Malekith before her can use the alignment of planets to destroy the universe.

Dr. Selvig, Darcy and Intern IanDr. Selvig, Darcy and Intern Ian

Back Home

Thor returns to Asgard, where he declines Odin's offer to take the throne and tells Odin of Loki's sacrifice.

Stay for the credits because:

You meet a villain called The Collector (from the comics) who is up to no good. And, at the end of the credits, Jane and Thor reunite on Earth.

Thor and Jane reunitedThor and Jane reunited

Wrapping Up

Although the plot seems complicated and hard to follow, Thor: The Dark World is packed with cool battles and special effects and a ton of humor! There is some really hilarious stuff in this film; funny dialogue, funny visual gags (one involves Captain America!). The twisted bro relationship between Thor and Loki continues resulting in both lots of humor and some heavy, dramatic sorrow as well. Tom Hiddleston is great as Loki again this time around. Chris Hemsworth is still a hunky Thor. Natalie Portman as Jane is fine. We wish she had more of a chance to kick butt (she does a little) rather than be the damsel in distress.

Jane (Natalie Portman) on Thor's homeworldJane (Natalie Portman) on Thor's homeworld

If you like The Avengers and the first Thor film, you’ll enjoy this one but since the story is so weird and complicated, we go 3 stars.

Thor: The Dark World Movie Rating: 3

Thor: The Dark World PosterThor: The Dark World Poster

Thor: The Dark World is in theaters now!