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Walter: Muppet Fan Turns Muppet Star!

Jan 10, 2014

By: Lynn Barker

In The Muppets, a couple of years ago, Walter got to meet his heroes and help them save their theater from a greedy oil tycoon. Now, in Muppets Most Wanted, young Walter is one of the performing gang as they tour Europe and get side-tracked by a famous thief, who looks way too much like Kermit the Frog.

Walter next to Kermit in a big production numberWalter next to Kermit in a big production number

Visiting the set of the film at L.A.’s famous Union train Station, Kidzworld took Walter aside to see how he feels as a fan now working with his heroes on the new film.

Kidzworld: What was the biggest personality surprise once you got to know The Muppets? Who wasn’t exactly like you thought they were?

  • Walter: Rowlf the Dog. It’s right there in his name “The Dog” and he will sometimes come up to me like he’s never seen me before and sniff me. “Oh, it’s Walter!”. I was not ready for that.

Fan Walter with his Kermit t-shirtFan Walter with his Kermit t-shirt

Kidzworld: What is your role in this film?

  • Walter: I still play the character of Walter who is new to The Muppets and I discover a secret in this film, something that is very, very wrong. I enlist the help of Fozzie and Animal comes along and we make it right. It’s a pretty dramatic turning point in the movie. I’m proud of my role in the film. If they just let me bring water to the guys on set I’d be happy.

Kidzworld: Miss Piggy did criticize your coffee-bringing skills.

  • Walter: Yeah. She still thinks I’m the coffee boy. She’s another one who doesn’t remember me and it doesn’t help if I ask her to smell me. Not quite the same.

Walter (second from right) with Muppets in EuropeWalter (second from right) with Muppets in Europe

Kidzworld: What is it like to be welcomed by the Muppet community?

  • Walter: Oh, to be so embraced, it’s been a life-saving event. It’s wild being back here in Los Angeles where my whole journey began with the first film. It’s humbling and like a homecoming here. It’s a dream come true. I keep pinching myself so I’m covered in bruises which is why I wear long sleeves.

Walter (center) with Muppets and evil ConstantineWalter (center) with Muppets and evil Constantine

Kidzworld: Are there still challenges for you now that you are living your dream?

  • Walter: Certainly there are still challenges. In the film, it is certainly not smooth sailing. I continue to do my own stunts in this film and that’s always a lot of fun.

Kidzworld: Who have you most bonded with?

  • Walter: I suppose Fozzie Bear and I have a nice connection. It’s so weird to be friends with someone I was a fan of first. I go “Oh my Gosh! I’m friends with Fozzie Bear!”, then I say “Be cool, Walter, be cool”.

Fozzie Bear, Walter and Animal on an Arabian adventureFozzie Bear, Walter and Animal on an Arabian adventure

Kidzworld: In the last film we learned you have a talent for whistling. Is that back in this film?

  • Walter: No. Actually, I do whistle one time in the film but it might get cut.

Kidzworld: How are you doing without your human brother Jason Segel? He’s not with you in this movie.

  • Walter: I’ve grown up and moved on but I miss him. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Jason Segel, my movie-star brother but I think we’re both doing great.

Kidzworld report with Walter on setKidzworld reporter with Walter on set

Kidzworld: How is it working with humans Tina Fey, Ricky Jervais and Ty Burrell on this film?

  • Walter: That’s three different questions. Ricky is a great guy, really funny and a huge fan too. He’s like a human Walter and he’s got this great laugh. Tina, oh my gosh, is there no end to that woman’s talents? Her singing and dancing in this film is really something. Ty Burrell, I love him (in the TV show) “Modern Family” and he’s a very different character in our movie. He’s very versatile and very tall. I got a crick in my neck looking up to him.

Kidzworld: Who do you hang out with after shooting is over?

  • Walter: After we shoot? I hang out in a box. That part I was also not expecting.

Walter is called back to set.

See Muppets Most Wanted starting March 21st!

Muppets Most Wanted PosterMuppets Most Wanted Poster