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Child Of Light Video Game Review

Reviewed by on May 06, 2014
Rating: 5 Star Rating

A beautiful RPG, with a story told in rhyme. Child Of Light, is more than worth your time.Check out Kidzworlds review of the magical new video game!

Available now to download.Available now to download.Courtesy of Ubisoft

A Work Of UbiArt

Ubisoft's latest, Child Of Light, is filled with wonder and magic. An RPG fairy tale that combines stunning painterly artwork, moving music and one of the best battle systems I've encountered in a while.

Running on the same UbiArt Framework engine as Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends, the water-color like visuals of Child Of Light and the incredible character design offer a ridiculously pleasurable experience for the eyes. At times almost reminiscent of a pop-up book come to life. The visuals are easily the first and most striking aspect of the game.

Child Of Light is filled with wonder.Child Of Light is filled with wonder.Courtesy of Ubisoft

The story is also uniquely told entirely in rhyme. Aurora, Child Of Light's heroine must travel the mysterious world of Lemuria in hopes of finding the sun, the moon and the stars and saving her father from some shady characters. But she isn't alone. Igniculus, a light up sprite is along for the journey as well as an assortment of other allies including Fin, a cowardly wizard and Robert, a mouse archer. Each is unique and well written and offers their own strengths and weaknesses along the journey.

Helping the story along is a wonderful soundtrack. Each piece of music as awe-inspiringly realized as the scenery and character design.

Check out the story trailer below.

The battle system is another high point in Child Of Light's design. The moment you engage in a fight, a timeline bar appears at the bottom of the screen. Icons representing each ally and enemy slides down towards the end at various speeds. Igniculus can be sent out to blind selected targets and slow them down. In these moments, you can attack and interrupt the enemy with your own attack. If successful, the enemy is sent to the back of the timeline and the jockeying for best position rages on.

Fin throwing down a little Monsoon (all) with devastating affect.Fin throwing down a little Monsoon (all) with devastating affect.Courtesy of Ubisoft

It's a simple but intuitive system that allows for highly exciting and engaging combat. Especially once you've ranked up and improved your abilities.

When not engaged in epic battles with serpents, giants, trolls, ghosts and more, you'll solve puzzles with the help of Igniculus, help townsfolk with side-quests and explore Lemuria for collectibles in the form of letters.

There's a town of mice on the back of that walking mountain...Child Of Light-Available NowThere's a town of mice on the back of that walking mountain...Child Of Light-Available NowCourtesy of Ubisoft

Final Thoughts

Don't miss this game. Beautiful to look at. Wonderful to listen to. Entertaining to read. And fantastic to play. Child Of Light is a work of art and one of the best games so far this year. Its charming, in rhyme story may not totally win you over but the excellent turn-based battle system will.

Child Of Light Video Game Rating: 5

Available to download for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and Windows PC

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