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Tomodachi Life 3DS Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Jun 23, 2014
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Tomodachi Life for Nintendo 3DS is charming and weird in the best ways, making for an interesting experience. But is it a good game? Read Kidzworlds Tomodachi Life video game review right here!

You'll catch your Mii's in the middle of all sorts of fun scenarios.You'll catch your Mii's in the middle of all sorts of fun scenarios.Courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo At Their Strangest

Tomodachi Life, for Nintendo's 3DS hand-held, is probably one of the most  "un-game-like" video games I have played in a very long time. There's no real progression to the proceedings and the actual gameplay is fairly limited. But what is here is unusual and worth a look for the more casual gamers.

Fill your island with any Mii your heart desires and then watch the madness ensue.Fill your island with any Mii your heart desires and then watch the madness ensue.Courtesy of Nintendo

In Tomodachi Life, you create a community from scratch filled with custom created Miis and then set them loose on a island to live out their virtual lives. It's a great experience to just pop in and see what's going on but it isn't something you'll spend hours upon hours tinkering with ala Nintendo's other virtual life simulator, Animal Crossing.

Upon first booting up Tomodachi Life, you're tasked with populating your world with Miis. You can do this by creating new Miis from scratch, or an even better option, import other peoples Miis that you have 'street passed' with. After creating/importing a Mii, you can then set certain attributes like their politeness level and can also select between a few different robot-like voices. All of which are bizarre yet strangely calming.

Watch your creations go after each others hearts. With varying degrees of success.Watch your creations go after each others hearts. With varying degrees of success.Courtesy of Nintendo

Once you've populated the world - you'll want at least a dozen Miis to keep things interesting -  you as the player are left with little to do other than enjoy the antics and drama that pops up between inhabitants. You'll witness all sorts of scenarios including Mii's finding new friends, falling in love with other Miis and ensuing arguments as two Miis with opposing personalities butt heads. Miis also gather for scheduled events like BBQ's and such.

From time to time, you'll have to give the Mii's advice when they have simple problems to solve or if they are feeling ill, providing what they need to feel better.  Your advice and helping hand lead to some truly zany moments but the gameplay here is very passive in nature.

Tomodachi Life Trailer

There are a few mini-games spread throughout similar to things you'd find in the WarioWare games, like simple memorization activities. But they are too few in numbers and variety to keep you invested on their own. The real hook to Tomodachi Life really is observing from afar, like an all seeing god. Watching Miis fuss over the appearance of their apartments is more fun than it sounds.

You can peak into the lives of the other Miis whenever you like and see what they are getting up to, even entering their dreams to witness some insanely preposterous moments. The biggest downfall to this virtual world is that it doesn't take too long before you start to see situations repeat themselves, which takes a little bit of wind out of Tomodachi Life's sails.

Tomodachi Life is available now, for Nintendo 3DS!Tomodachi Life is available now, for Nintendo 3DS!Courtesy of Nintendo

Final Thoughts.

Tomodachi Life is very Japanese in its game design and for those that enjoy those levels of quirky, you'll find much to enjoy here. It's an extremely passive experience which makes for a great distraction while you're on the bus to school or need a quick fix during commercial breaks of your favorite TV show. But don't expect to get lost in the world in the same way you may have with Animal Crossing or The Sims.

Tomodachi Life Video Game Rating: 3

Available now exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

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