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EARTH TO ECHO Themed Summer Party Guide!

Jun 30, 2014

By: Lindsay Brown

Tomorrow is July 1st—and what always feels like the official start of summer! And you know what that means…parties and celebrations galore! It also means that Relativity's new family adventure movie EARTH TO ECHO hits theaters in just 2 days! So to kick off the start of summer and the release of EARTH TO ECHO, we created an extra special EARTH TO ECHO guide for a kid-friendly summer party. Tired of the endless stream of princess and cowboy parties? Look no further…this guide is for you!

1. Boys vs.Wild Adventure Party

Calling all lovers of outward bound, adventure, and camping—this is the perfect party for you! All you need are some simple activities to make the kids feel like they're fighting for survival. Set up a few challenging outdoor obstacle courses, and have the kids "compete" to see who makes it out alive. If you're feeling ambitious, organize a treasure hunt and offer some fun outdoor gear prizes to the winners. This party is all about action and adventure—and who doesn't love a good adventure in the summer?!

Boys vs.Wild Adventure PartyBoys vs.Wild Adventure Party

2.  An Out-Of-This-World Outer Space Party

We've got some awesome and creative party ideas to launch your outer space party to the next universe! First let's talk decorations --what is an outer space themed party without some serious decorations? Build the universe onto your party table using a black tablecloth sprinkled with silver star confetti. Place some different-sized lanterns on the table to represent the planets, and have kids guess which ones are which. Next: FOOD! A party is not complete if there isn't a cake or cupcakes! Set out some vanilla cakes and cupcakes along with different colored frostings and toppings so the kids can each design their own galaxy! Invite the kids to dress like astronauts or their own interpretation of their favorite planet, and make your child's wildest dreams come true!

Out-Of-This-World Outer Space PartyOut-Of-This-World Outer Space Party

3. Glow-in-the-Dark Party

Light up your child's summer with this fun glow-in-the-dark party! Glow sticks, black lights, neon colored cupcakes — how could the kids not have fun? To get started, set the mood by replacing all the regular light bulbs with black lights. (And don't forget to tell the friends to come wearing best white outfits!) Now for the fun part…cover the entire room with glow sticks and any other glow-in-the-dark objects you can find so they're the the only things your guests can see!  Purchase some special glow-in-the-dark frosting for the cupcakes so that everyone can decorate their own radiating dessert. Follow these simple party guide lines and your summer party will be a guaranteed glowing good time!

Glow-in-the-Dark PartyGlow-in-the-Dark Party

4. Alien Themed Party

 Keeping with the EARTH TO ECHO theme, it's only appropriate to have an alien themed party! This is the perfect party to hold on a hot summer evening, because you can come wearing your favorite pajamas and watch a marathon of everyone's favorite alien movies.  Take a trip to a theater near you to watch EARTH TO ECHO, and then set up the home theater and play the old kid-friendly classics: E.T., Batteries Not Included, Wall-E and more! It's the perfect opportunity to discover your extraterrestrial inner self this summer!

Alien Themed PartyAlien Themed Party

5. Indoor Camping Party

Dig up the sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows and break out the s'mores—it's time for an indoor camping party! Tell your friends to bring their favorite camp stories and come prepared to build an indoor fort. In order to make this party a success, everyone should bring their own flashlights and camping supplies for the full effect. Camping is always more fun when you're in the comfort of your own home! (And bathrooms and the kitchen are just a few steps away…)

Indoor Camping PartyIndoor Camping Party

EARTH TO ECHO opens in theaters everywhere on July 2nd, 2014! Be sure to celebrate 4th of July weekend with a trip to the movies with the whole family!

Earth To Echo PosterEarth To Echo Poster