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Did LeBron Make the Right Move?

Jul 20, 2014

LeBron James, basketball's brightest star, its best player, the poster boy for greatness and the lightning rod for criticism, decided to leave a Miami Heat squad he had taken to four straight Finals (two wins) and return home to Cleveland to the state he was born in and the team he so cruelly abandoned four years ago. But did he make the right choice?

Did LeBron Make the Right Move?Did LeBron Make the Right Move?Courtesy of NBA


When the Heat fell to the Spurs in the Finals people were happy that "team" basketball had prevailed. Gregg Popovich and his collection of veterans, foreign-born all-around players and cast offs had defeated mighty Miami, who looked one-dimensional, tired and overmatched in the half court. Most of all Dwyane Wade looked average, Bosh looked deferential, and the team looked very beatable. After the season, LeBron opted out of his contract, as did Dwyane Wade and CB4, and the rumblings began that maybe the Heat might be disbanding.

I can't watchI can't watchCourtesy of SFGate

The Decision: Part 2 

The Cavs were an afterthought. Anybody who says they knew he would sign there is lying. After what LeBron did to them when he left for the Heat in 2010, and the letter his owner wrote, eviscerating him for his actions, LeBron ending up in Cleveland was a blogosphere fantasy, a radio talking point that nobody really took seriously. Then it happened. Sports Illustrated had exclusive rights to the essay in which LeBron explained why he was returning to Cleveland, and the Internet exploded with the news. LeBron was coming home to Cleveland. Crazy.

Tell the World That I'm Coming HomeTell the World That I'm Coming HomeCourtesy of SI


People hated LeBron for what he did to Cleveland, not the least of which the people of Cleveland. They burned his jersey, defaced murals with his face on them and took to Internet message boards to voice their disdain for "King James". Would they welcome him back with open arms? Yes, yes they would. And they did, putting up banners marking the return of the King and praising his decision to let bygones be bygones with owner Dan Gilbert and return home to try and win a championship. Media pundits lauded his decision and the court of popular opinion exonerated LeBron for all past crimes. 

But Can They Win?

The short answer is yes, but their roster is raw with young talent. They have Kyrie Irving, one of the most dynamic young PGs in the game, and Dion Waiters, a player with reported attitude problems but undeniable talent. They also have Anthony Bennett and Tristan Thompson, two big-men who are only getting better, not to mention Anderson Varejao, the perpetually-injured Brazilian who has seemingly endless energy when on the floor. Oh yeah, and Andrew Wiggins, the No.1 overall draft pick from this year who is an athletic freak. Their new Head Coach, David Blatt, comes with an international resume a mile long. They also might swing a deal for Kevin Love, one of the 10-12 best players in the NBA. So yeah, they can win. But was it right the right decision to leave the Heat? If the idea is too be popular and win over the world, then it was definitely the right decision. All the LeBron haters have been silenced. If his goal is to catch MJ for championships and challenge for greatest of all time, then the answer is a little more unclear. 

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