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Megan Fox Talks Turtles

Aug 05, 2014

By: Lynn Barker

Gorgeous actress Megan Fox is obviously “hot” but her director for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was more interested in casting her as journalist April O’Neil for her smarts than how she looks in a midriff tank top! Megan tells us she took the role because she was a fan of the “Turtles” as a kid.

If you like seeing Megan holding her own in action scenes, you won’t be disappointed. She says that she did a ton of stunt and action work in the new “Turtles” film despite being pregnant at the time (her hubby is actor Brian Austin Green of  TV’s classic series “Beverly Hills 90210”). A stunt woman took over in some scenes.

April explores the Turtles' lairApril explores the Turtles' lairCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

As a kid, Megan liked turtles, real ones and the ones on her T.V. screen. Check it out.

Q: Your character, April, is fond of turtles. Did you have turtles or pets as a little girl? What was your favorite?

  • Megan: I didn’t have turtles because you have to keep them in cages and I was always really against that, even when I was little. I had a black cat, she was a stray cat. I named her Candy, and I thought she was magic. That cat was my favorite. Love cats and dogs, and I’ve had ferrets, pigs, birds. I’m an animal person.

Q: Were you already a fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  • Megan: I was a big fan as a kid. I had an older sister who was really into the movies so I got into it because of her. I watched the cartoon also. I won’t claim that I read the comics because I didn’t and I don’t want to get stoned for something I didn’t do (laughs).

April (Megan Fox) confronted by Raphael and LeonardoApril (Megan Fox) confronted by Raphael and LeonardoCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Q: I heard you had an early childhood crush on Michelangelo. What was it like to work with that character onscreen, especially since you two had the most onscreen time together?

  • Megan: During shooting, we sort of played around with that. It was kind of a Raphael/April connection and then it turned into a Michelangelo/April thing. It’s just up his alley. He’s always been girl crazy. That’s his personality. I’m happy it turned out that way. Also, Noel (Fisher), the kid that plays him, is a really talented actor. He steals the movie. In my opinion, it’s Mikey’s movie.

MichaelangeloMichaelangeloCourtesy of Pictures

Q: Were you attracted to your role because April’s a strong female who didn’t have to show her midriff, which you did a lot when you did “Transformers”?

  • Megan: First of all, I don't mind doing that stuff. I think that's been a part of being an actress in Hollywood since the beginning. I don't feel ashamed or like I can't be taken seriously while also wearing a tank top. But I was attracted to this because I was a fan as a kid, and I really wanted to do it. I got the opportunity to go in and have a meeting with them. I went in and it was Valentine's Day and there (I was in casting) for five hours at Paramount with my first meeting. Brian (her husband) was texting me, "It's Valentine's Day. Where are you?"
  • Then I got home and sent everyone an email saying “It’s okay if you don't cast me, I understand. I just want you to know that I'm going to be in the audience regardless.” I really campaigned to get this because I was a fan. I was afraid at the same time because you don't want to ruin something that you loved, and be a part of its downfall so of course I was terrified of letting people down. But I had to do it because it was iconic to me as a kid and I just feel lucky to have gotten the opportunity.

April O'Neil (Megan Fox) sneaks a shot of the TurtlesApril O'Neil (Megan Fox) sneaks a shot of the TurtlesCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Q: Did you have to do fight training for this?

  • Megan: We actually started out doing some kickboxing training. And then they would teach me on-site because we had an incredible stunt team. So they would teach us as we went along. They were the best of the best. I was pregnant also so I couldn’t do all the stunts while I was filming. What I couldn’t do, we had a stunt girl that could do all the serious stuff for me. So I did what I could—and that was a lot. Badass!

April meets LeonardoApril meets LeonardoCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Q: Your character April is a journalist. You’ve had some experience in dealing with journalists. How do you see journalism right now? We know it’s changing.

  • Megan: I’m not trying to tell you that you’re obsolete but everyone with an iPhone is a journalist in their own way now, especially because we live in a tabloid culture. When you watch CNN, they give you news that is based on Tweets that people are sending out and you realize that society’s really changing. The collective public has a voice now that they didn’t previously have. (Playing April) didn’t necessarily change my view of (journalists) so much. I think I realize your job is much more tedious than I realized previously. You’ve got to keep track of a lot of sh*t.

April (Megan Fox) doing an interviewApril (Megan Fox) doing an interviewCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Q: Yep, we do! In dealing with media, what have you learned about what to give away of your private life and what to keep to yourself?

  • Megan: I clearly haven’t learned that lesson yet. I’m probably the worst person to ask. I like to be open with (journalists) and I like to be honest. I hate being disingenuous. It’s really uncomfortable for me. I don’t excel in doing that. But I’ve also learned because of what you do, so much of what I say is sensationalized. (Some journalists) have to report on scandal because that’s what people are hungry to read about. Even when I’m trying to be straightforward and honest, and my comments are innocent, inevitably they’re turned into something sort of salacious. So I don’t have a good gauge on how to edit myself but my intention towards is a good one.

April (Megan) with her cameraman Vernon (Will Arnett)April (Megan) with her cameraman Vernon (Will Arnett)Courtesy of Pictures

Q: You’ve acted opposite turtles and you’ve acted opposite Transformers. Is it more challenging to act opposite a CG character than a human who is actually standing there?

  • Megan: When we were doing “Transformers,” Shia and I were just screaming things at the sky. We had no references at all at that point because how can you? You’re dealing with 30-foot robots. But, in this one, we had four actors that were really and what I consider a stroke of genius casting because they were perfect for their roles and they really embodied them. I don’t know if they lived together beforehand, but they spent a lot of time together. They really interacted like brothers.  
  • When we do movies like this, we’ll do a scene with the actors and then we do a scene for what we call the “clean plate” without the actors there so if they want to use that shot, they don’t have to paint actors out before they paint the turtles in. Inevitably, in every single one of those, I was always significantly worse when the actors weren’t with me, so because they were so good that helped me be a lot better. So whenever you have an opportunity to work with real people, it’s always helpful.

Turtles in actionTurtles in actionCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Q: There are people (already not liking) this movie on the Internet. What do you think about people saying you’re crushing their dreams?

  • Megan: Why would you ever (go on the Internet to look that up)? Let me tell you something about those people. How much money did “Transformers 4” make? Exactly. Those people who complain all go to the theater and they’re going to love it. And if they don’t love it, (not my problem).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PosterTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PosterCourtesy of Pictures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in theaters August 8th!