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Innocence Movie Review

Reviewed by on Sep 03, 2014
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews another supernatural film based upon a YA novel. “Innocence” finds teen Beckett dropped into a nest of evil vipers at a posh prep school.

By: Lynn Barker

16-year-old Beckett Warner’s mom has just died. She and her dad move to NYC and are, at first, happy she can attend fancy Hamilton Prep but why are all the staff members female and why are so many of them extremely hot? Beckett’s dad is falling for school nurse Pamela. There is something very “off” about Pamela.

Tragedy and Transition

Beckett Warner (Sophia Curtis) is shattered when her mom dies of an aneurysm while they are surfing. She and her novelist dad (Linus Roche) move to NYC where Beckett is enrolled in posh Hamilton Prep. She meets Tobey Crawford (Graham Phillips), teen son of one of dad’s friends, and there is a spark. Things are looking up.

Beckett and Tobey after a skateboard lessonBeckett and Tobey after a skateboard lessonCourtesy of Scion Pictures

New “Friends”

Beckett meets Sunday (Chloe Levine), a classmate who is a secret “cutter” and Jen (Sarah Sutherland) who befriends her. Beckett also hears voices especially in a strange, isolated courtyard at the school. She meets more of the faculty and staff at an “alumni book club” whose members all look like the hot housewives of NYC. Beckett has a vision of blood on the floor! School nurse Pamela (Kelly Reilly) especially wants to get close to her and her dad.

Beckett isn't happy that her dad is hot for PamelaBeckett isn't happy that her dad is hot for PamelaCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Other Tragedies and Triumphs

Sunday suddenly jumps to her death from a school balcony and Beckett is sent to a shrink (another hot woman) to deal with her recent emotional struggles. Meanwhile, Pamela and Beckett’s dad get much closer and Beckett learns that Jen’s mom (another hot number) is a drunk. Beckett bonds more with Tobey and they hang out with Jen and her boyfriend Hirsch (Daniel Zovatto) skateboarding and falling in love. Pamela discourages Beckett from “moving too fast” with Tobey.

Beckett (on phone) and her pals plus love TobeyBeckett (on phone) and her pals plus love TobeyCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Ghosts and Revelations

Beckett sees the ghosts of former coeds who also committed suicide (supposedly) at the school. She overhears some of the “book club” women taking Jen’s mom aside to warn her to shape up. Pamela is called “Malia”. Beckett finds loads of pills in Pamela’s office meant for various girls at school. Gradually, Beckett realizes that all is not well at Hamilton Prep. Tobey doesn’t believe her. She finds an old picture of a group of women with the school’s founder circa 1912. Of course one of them is Malia Hamilton aka Pamela and the rest.. the key faculty!

Beckett has no idea the hot book club ladies are supernatural creaturesBeckett has no idea the hot book club ladies are supernatural creaturesCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Supernatural Surprise

Learning that the women of Hamilton are supernatural and living forever off the blood of virgins, Beckett must save her friend Jen, herself, hopefully, her dad and expose these evil creatures before she becomes the next victim.

Beckett can be a victim or live forever youngBeckett can be a victim or live forever youngCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Wrapping Up

Innocence lead character Beckett has a lot on her plate. She’s lost her mom, her dad is falling for a very strange woman, she’s fallen in love, she’s seeing ghosts and visions and she might have to handle everything alone. No doubt you and your friends can relate to some of this pressure. At 16, or younger, it’s a lot to shoulder. The Beckett character is very relatable as are her first love experiences.

The ladies of the prep school book clubThe ladies of the prep school book clubCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Characters aside, the basic storyline of Innocence is beyond predictable if you’ve ever read a book or seen a film about evil supernatural forces. It’s easy to “call” the not-too-satisfying supernatural ending as well.

Evil Pamela (Kelly Reilly) welcomes Beckett to schoolEvil Pamela (Kelly Reilly) welcomes Beckett to schoolCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Also, the story moves very, very slowly until Beckett starts to put the pieces together. None-the-less, actors are earnest and do decent work. Kelly Reilly is swell as the sexy school leader with a very dark agenda. Young actors Sophia Curtis and Graham Phillips are believable as young lovers. The film simply has too much of a “been there, seen (or read) that” vibe to be completely entertaining. Might make a fun date movie or a take home when it comes out on DVD or Blu-ray. For now, we go three stars.

Innocence Movie Rating:3

Innocence Movie PosterInnocence Movie PosterCourtesy of Scion Pictures

Innocence is in theaters now!