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Godzilla Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Sep 16, 2014
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews Blu-ray film and extra features for the newest movie about the King of the Monsters, “Godzilla”.

By: Lynn Barker

You are a giant, dinosaur-like creature just cruising the seas when Stomp!, suddenly two just-about-as-big critters hatch and start causing havoc on your turf. Worse, they are a couple about to create a brood just like ‘um. If you are King of the Monsters Godzilla, you are not having it. Time to kick some upstart monster butt!

Godzilla's fins look like mountainsGodzilla's fins look like mountainsCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Story Goes

In 1999, scientists Serizawa and Graham (Ken Watanabe and Sally Hawkins) are called to the Philippines to examine a high radiation pocket revealed in a cavern. It appears that something huge “hatched” inside and blazed a trail of destruction to the ocean!  In Japan, nuclear scientists Joe and Sandra Brody (“Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston and Juliet Binoche), try to figure out the strange pattern of earthquakes threatening the nuke plant where they work. The core of the reactor is breached and Sandra is killed. Their little son Ford (later played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson), watches as the plant explodes.

Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) sees his first M.U.T.O.Dr. Serizawa (Ken Watanabe) sees his first M.U.T.O.Courtesy of Warner Bros.

15 years later, grown-up Ford is a bomb disposal expert in the Army with cute nurse wife Elle (Elizabeth Olsen) and his own young son Sam. He’s been away from them on duty for 14 months and has just returned to San Francisco for a reunion when he is called to Japan where dad has been arrested for trespassing at their old home, now in a quarantined area. When giant M.U.T.O.s (Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms) hatch, feed on radiation and their “calls” create EMPs (electro-magnetic pulses) that switch off all electronics in the area, it’s time to call in the military, Ford among them.

Ford's wife (Elizabeth Olsen) protects their sonFord's wife (Elizabeth Olsen) protects their sonCourtesy of Warner Bros.

When Mankind’s various efforts fail to kill the giant M.U.T.O. creatures, only the King of the Monsters Godzilla can restore balance to the world by defeating them. Does our big, green-ish killing machine have a chance?

Godzilla arrives in San FranciscoGodzilla arrives in San FranciscoCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Special Features

In “Monarch: Declassified”, the secret U.S. government project to destroy the monsters is examined. In “training films” that look like they were made in the 1950’s, we learn that our early atomic bomb “tests”, called Operation Lucky Dragon, were really efforts to nuke the monsters invading from the Earth’s depths. The featurettes include info on the M.U.T.O.s, what they are, where they came from, what they want etc.  “The Godzilla Revelation” contains video that looks like live modern news coverage or a news documentary on the M.U.T.O. attacks and Godzilla’s war with these critters. The cover-ups involving these creatures are featured and supposedly gotten from secret military files Overall, these extra films provide a lot of information that you might not have understood when just watching the movie and they are well-produced. Check ‘um out!

Ford (Aaron Johnson) ready to parachute to the rescueFord (Aaron Johnson) ready to parachute to the rescueCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The second subdivision of extras is called “The Legendary Godzilla” and focuses upon Godzilla as a force of nature. The making of the old 1950’s original Godzilla movies in Japan is covered with some fun footage from those films. Bryan Cranston talks about how he loved these movies as a kid. Other actors and filmmakers discuss the myths surrounding Godzilla, effects guys talk about designing a new Godzilla for this film. How big should he be, etc. We see computer models of early efforts. Actors talk about the difficulty of reacting to giant creatures that aren’t there on set.

Ford (Aaron Johnson) and his dad (Bryan Cranston) in JapanFord (Aaron Johnson) and his dad (Bryan Cranston) in JapanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Real life disasters were used to recreate the destruction left in the wake of the huge monster fights. The difficulty of balancing CGI and live-action sets is discussed etc. How many real cars should they actually crush? The soldiers parachuting into San Francisco to recover a bomb is a huge visual effects piece and this is examined in detail. Neat.

Wrapping Up

Godzilla looks amazing. The monster action, stunts, fight action etc. will keep you entertained but, as we said in our original review of the film, the story is full of logic holes and the characters are just like those in every giant monster or disaster movie.

Ford sees Godzilla for the first timeFord sees Godzilla for the first timeCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Extras are interesting and well made but there is no director commentary, no blooper/gag reel and very little shot on set with the actors either training for or making the movie. Those things would have been a great addition. As is, we go 3 stars on this Blu-ray offering.

Godzilla Blu-ray Rating: 3

Godzilla Blu-ray cover artGodzilla Blu-ray cover artCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Godzilla is now available on Blu-ray + DVD!