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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls: Top 10 Easter Eggs

Oct 06, 2014

Hey My Little Pony fans! If you love the show, you know there are plenty of Easter eggs in there for sharp-eyed fans. In celebration of the recent release of My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks now in theaters, today we have a list of the top 10 for you from Michael Vogel, VP of development for Hasbro Studios and Brian Lenard, Executive Director of development for Hasbro Studios. Check them out below and be on the lookout for more!

Top 10 Easter Eggs for MLPFIM and MLPEG

By Michael Vogel and Brian Lenard

10) MLP Equestria Girls: Fluttershy can’t catch anything!

  • This is a nod to Arrested Development’s George Michael character, who turns away whenever something is thrown to him

Arrested Development’s George Michael can’t catch anythingArrested Development’s George Michael can’t catch anything

9) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Future Twilight/”Escape from New York”

  • The design of Twilight Sparkle’s outfit in the “It’s About Time” episode is inspired by Snake Pliskenn’s outfit in the movie “Escape from New York.”

Snake Pliskenn from Escape from New YorkSnake Pliskenn from Escape from New York

8) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Mane-iac origin comic/JOKER “Killing Joke”

  • The panels in MANE-ian origin comic Spike reads in the “Super Ponies” episode is an homage to the Joker’s origins in the famous Batman comic “Killing Joke.”

The Killing JokeThe Killing Joke

7) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Cherry scene/I Love Lucy

  • The cherry scene from the “Last Roundup” episode where the ponies try to convince Applejack to come back to Ponyville with them is a parody of the famous “I Love Lucy” chocolate conveyer belt scene.

I Love Lucy’s famous chocolate sceneI Love Lucy’s famous chocolate scene

6) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Pinkie Pie with the Classic My Little Pony Face

  • In the “Too Many Pinkies” episode, Pinkie Pie says "bet you can’t make a face crazier than this!” and contorts her face to the classic My Little Pony style.

Too Many PinkiesToo Many Pinkies

5) MLP Equestria Girls: Transformers

  • When the ponies are walking in the Crystal Empire at the beginning of the movie, Pinkie Pie becomes overwhelmed and rolls into a ball. When she un-rolls, the accompanying sound effect is the iconic Transformers Generation 1 “transforming” sound.


4) MLP Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks: Human Mane-iac

  • At the slumber party at Pinkie’s house in EG2, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are playing a video game.  The cover of the video game box features the human version of Mane-iac.

Human Mane-iacHuman Mane-iac

 3) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Star Wars celebration scene

  • At the end of “The Return of Harmony, Part 2” when the Mane Six are being celebrated for their victory over Discord, the staging is similar to the end of “Star Wars A New Hope.”

The final scene from Star Wars: A New HopeThe final scene from Star Wars: A New Hope

2) MLP: Friendship is Magic: Discord

  • The draconequus of chaos is a living, breathing Easter egg. ANY episode he is in is filled with too many Easter eggs to count. 


1)  MLP: Friendship is Magic: Derpy

  • The number one most popular "Easter egg" in MLP has got to be everypony's favorite muffin-loving mail pony. What started out as an animation error has turned into one of our most beloved characters. She can be found in the background of many, many episodes if you look closely and has even made her way into some featured moments!


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Michael Vogel is VP of development for Hasbro Studios and Brian Lenard is Executive Director of development for Hasbro Studios.