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How to Survive in Middle School and Monster Bots Book Review

Reviewed by on Oct 16, 2014
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the book How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots and we once again fall into the life of miss understood, self described science enthusiast, Howard Boward.

In the second Howard Boward book, How to Survive Middle School and Monster Bots, Howard sets out to beat his arch-rival in a prestigious science-contest---but when the secret goo he uses to give himself an advantage becomes an ever-expanding horde of robot monsters, Howard faces the prospect of losing not just the competition… but his closest friends.

Seventh Grade Preparation

Howard is the seventh grade, and like any boy described as having more brains than muscles, sometimes life is just hard and YOU might just, not, understand.

Howard has a plan, Howard always has a plan – despite his Mother’s signs of frustration and his big sister Katie’s disinterest in anything but her phone or even his brother, 15 year old Stick, more about HIM later – Howards has a plan to protect himself. - Layers.

The Plan

There are two words you need to know about Howards life that really sums up his existence: Bully Country. In other words, Dolly Madison Middle school; the land of Meat Loaf and Predators. At DMMS you need to be aware of such things as Kyle Stanfords and Josh Gutierrez, bullies, who’s only source of entertainment is to make “How –Weirds life miserable. “The reason I come home with my underwear over my head is because I’m in the seventh grade and the seventh grade is filled with angry, oversized, wedgie- obsessed jerks. I mean, is it my fault I have brains instead of muscles? That my hair looks like a giant cotton swab? That my orthodontia can be seen from space?

What’s that? You have a robot? You don’t say.

That is until the day everything changed. Who couldn’t imaged when Howards annoying neighbor Reynolds Pipkin invited him to Howards Academic arch rivals home – thst the entire 7th grade world would have been flipped upside down? Flipped right upside down because of a non H-O-R-S-E playing, 7 out of 10 basket scoring ROBOT was there.

The Bottom Line

If you missed the first Howard Boward book, never fear, you can jump right into the second and it makes no difference. Kicking off with a Howard admitting that well, basically everything is his fault and he put everyone he knows - friends and family included - in danger, you'll be racing to the next chapter to find exactly how The Robots started it.

He may not be perfect, you'll definitely find yourself on Howard's side as he finds himself in a gooey literal mess of his own making. Everyone can relate to wanting to beat your arch-rival, so it's easy to feel for Howard as he finds himself in a Monster Bot Battle situation. There are some competitions not worth winning (like the science fair) and some that you have to win at all costs (Monster Bots!)

How to Lose Friends and Monster Bots is a fun, easy read with just enough excitement to keep it interesting - a nice one to pick up if you need something adventurous to read on a trip or to read to your younger siblings.

How to Survive in Middle School and Monster Bots Book CoverHow to Survive in Middle School and Monster Bots Book CoverCourtesy of Zonderkids

How to Survive in Middle School and Monster Bots
Book Rating: 4


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Ron Bates, Author of How to survive middle school and bots serves up a likeable underdog  that we all want to cheer for, this book is another reminder that there is a whole life behind things and sometime even though adults thing a pair a pants can solve the world problems.. smart seventh graders know better.

We would love to hear what you think of this next epic Howard Boward adventure, use the comment box below and give us your take!