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Beyblade: Let it Rip! :: Playstation Game Review

Dec 27, 2006

The new Beyblade game for the Sony Playstation game is all about "Letting It Rip" with your very own Beyblader. You can choose your own Beyblader and "Let It Rip" against other Beybladers to earn points and build up your Beyblade until you're ready to enter the World Beyblade Championship tournament and win! If that doesn't sound cool enough, how about playing the Beyblade game for only $10 US ($15 Cdn)!

Beyblade packs all the action of dueling against your friends, into the Playstation. You can customize your own Beyblade top with powerful parts, and your own bit beast, then Let It Rip! You launch your top into the Beystadium where you can control its movement and use different attacks to knock your opponent out of the ring, grind them to a halt, or even smash their Beyblade into bits!

You earn Bey Points from battles and that lets you buy more parts to customize your Beyblade. Plus you and your bit beast can level up and get stronger powers. Once you're ready to really kick butt, you can enter the World Beyblade Championship and try to become the best!


If you're a Beyblade newbie, the Beyblade game is a cool way to learn how the toys and tournaments work - and it might just get you hooked on the battling Beyblade tops! Plus, for only $10, how can you go wrong?

Are The Controls Hard To Learn?

They'll take about an hour to learn all the moves and counter-moves.

How Hard Is The Game?

It's fairly hard, make sure you build up your Beyblade!

Age Rating:

Thumbs Up:

  • It's only $10!
  • Special bit beast attacks/launches.
  • Let It Rip! against your friends!
  • Build your Beyblade and bit beast with Bey Points.
  • Battle the characters from the Beyblade show!

Thumbs Down:

  • Not much story.
  • It's for Playstation One so it looks old.



Playstation, Playstation 2

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