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Your Best Fashion Colors

Oct 31, 2014

Back in the 1980’s, a book called Color Me Beautiful hit bookstores and changed the way many people shop for clothes, makeup and even hair color. The book divided people into "four seasons" by eye color, hair color and skin tone, and provided a color palette for each to help narrow down choices and choose the best products for your coloring. See the breakdown below and leave a comment telling us what season you are.

Your best color by seasonYour best color by seasonCourtesy of Fashion by Fashion


  • Skin color: dark.
  • Hair color: ranging from light to dark brown, copper or red.
  • Eye color: turquoise blue eyes, hazel or brown.
  • Your best colors: peach, salmon, coral, yellow, and orange colors.

Autumn Color WheelAutumn Color WheelCourtesy of Color Me Beautiful

If your skin tone, hair and eye color mimic the spicy rich hues of fall leaves or a crackling fire, seek out colors that are earthy, golden and natural looking to help you look your best. Your best color palette will probably include earthy names like moss, rust or bronze.


  • Skin color: light, white, beige, pink, ivory or light brown.
  • Hair color: ranging from dark black and brown with few highlights that catch the sun.
  • Eye color: intense dark brown, black, dark green, gray or bright blue.
  • Your best colors: bright, intense colors like fuchsia, navy, red and green.

Winter color wheelWinter color wheelCourtesy of Color Me Beautiful

If your skin is light and your hair is dark with few highlights, chances are you’re a winter. For your color palette, think of things that would stand out against a snowy backdrop, like bright jewel tones (ruby, sapphire, emerald) or royal tones (blue and purple).


  • Skin color: warm, golden or ivory.
  • Hair color: light-colored hair ranges from golden brown to coppery blonde.
  • Eye color: blue, green, brown or honey.
  • Your best colors: shades of pink and orange, light brown, dark gold, violet, white and beige.

Spring Color WheelSpring Color WheelCourtesy of Color Me Beautiful

If your tones are a bright and sunny spring, the best color for you will match your eyes! Select bright colors that look and feel as though they’re covered in sunlight, like turquoise, watermelon and salmon.


  • Skin color: pink.
  • Hair color:  light blond or very light brown.
  • Eye color: pale-colored eyes in shades of blue, gray or teal.
  • Your best colors: cool greens and blues.

Summer Color WheelSummer Color WheelCourtesy of Color Me Beautiful

Delicate and subtle, the colors of summer are quiet, like a sun-faded beach house. Choose light colors that don’t contrast each other, especially pastel shades of rose, periwinkle and sage.

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