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Best Christmas Movies

Dec 05, 2023

It’s that time of year again! Time to put down the controller and the tablet and watch some Christmas movies. Which ones should you choose? We’ve got that covered for you with our list of the best Christmas movies. Did your favorite make the cut?

1. Scrooged

Bill Murray is a grumpy TV producer who only thinks about money. His obsession with work caused him to lose his family and his true love. He’s visited by 3 ghosts who remind him of the true meaning of Christmas. This take on “A Christmas Carol” is still one of the funniest films out there. He tries to put antlers on a mouse. The Ghost of Christmas Past, played by Carol Kane is a glitter-covered fairy with a bad attitude who keeps punching him. The ending will require tissues for your happy tears. Totally worth it.

Bill Murray learns the true meaning of ChristmasBill Murray learns the true meaning of ChristmasCourtesy of Paramount

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

It’s hard to decide whether to watch this one at Halloween or Christmas. We’d go with both! This stop-motion animation film is the story of Jack Skellington, the king of Halloween Town. He’s bored with just scaring kids and wants to do something new. When he accidentally finds the door to Christmas Town, he decides to change everything. Yeah, that doesn’t work so well. The cutest thing ever? Zero the dog lighting up his nose a la Rudolph.

Jack Skellington brings a little Christmas cheer to Halloween TownJack Skellington brings a little Christmas cheer to Halloween TownCourtesy of Disney

3. Miracle on 34th Street

A classic film that’s been remade a few times. An old man working as a Macy’s Santa claims that he’s the real thing, but very few people believe him. He’s taken to court to prove that he’s really Father Christmas. Does he win? Well … he convinces a little girl to believe in Santa again, which is a win all around.

Is this the real Santa?Is this the real Santa?

4. It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s the classic Christmas movie from 1946 and it’s been imitated countless times in TV and film. George Baily (James Stewart) is a good man, but everything he’s done to help others seems to backfire on him. He’s ready to end it all on Christmas Eve. His guardian angel Clarence (Henry Travers) shows up and shows him that life for everyone would be infinitely worse if George wasn’t in it. This is where we learn that every time you hear a bell ring, an angel gets his wings.

The Christmas classic!The Christmas classic!Courtesy of RKO

5. A Christmas Story

This one is running pretty much non-stop somewhere on TV all day on Christmas! Nine-year-old Ralph only wants one thing for Christmas: a Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and “this thing that tells time.” No one wants him to have it because, as they say, “You’ll shoot your eye out.” The department store Santa is mean, tongues get stuck to ice cold poles and everything seems to be working against him. Will he get his Red Ryder? Will his dad cover for him? Is that leg lamp the best thing ever or the absolute worst. Give this one a re-watch!

You’ll shoot your eye out!You’ll shoot your eye out!Courtesy of MGM

6. Elf

Will Ferrell plays Buddy, a orphan who climbed into Santa’s sack of toys on Christmas Eve and has been raised by elves. Though he’s tall and obviously not an elf, he really believes it. He goes off into the real world and he just can’t shake his happy innocence. Can he save Christmas? Will his new friend Jovie (Zooey Deschanel) love him back? Can he save Christmas? This is one of Ferrell’s best movies, and that’s saying something.

Santa!Santa!Courtesy of New Line Cinema

7. The Muppet Christmas Carol

This classic from 1992 still holds up. Well, of course it does! It’s the Muppets take on the Charles Dickens classic “A Christmas Carol.” The story takes place in 19th century London. Michael Caine stars as Ebenezer Scrooge, a man who hates Christmas, puppies and happiness. He’s mean to his staff and won’t give anyone the day off. He’s visited by ghosts who change his mind, but it’s really the Muppets who melt his heart.

Kermit, Piggy and the gang save ChristmasKermit, Piggy and the gang save ChristmasCourtesy of Disney

8. Love Actually

Who will you fall in love with? Your best friend’s wife? A guy at a party? Someone you just met who doesn’t even speak the language? The Prime Minister of England? Or is the love you have with your best friend that is worth more than anything? This film follows 10 love stories of all sorts, stars everyone you know and has the best musical performance by a kid that you’ve ever seen.

Ah, love at ChrtistmasAh, love at ChrtistmasCourtesy of Universal

9. Home Alone

Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left alone when his family leaves for Paris on their Christmas vacation. While he’s left home alone, two bumbling burglars try to break in the house. Kevin gets creative to beat them. As of 2009, Home Alone was the highest grossing comedy of all time and the film spawned four sequels and three video games. Open your mouth and put your hands on your cheeks and everyone will know where it’s from!

We forgot Kevin!We forgot Kevin!Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

10. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Sure, there’s the live-action film with Jim Carey, but the animated classic is still the best. The Grinch’s mission in life is to ruin Christmas, but a certain little who from Whoville changes his mind and causes his heart to grow three sizes. He’s also finally nice to his long-suffering pooch with antlers strapped to his head.

His heart grew three sizes that dayHis heart grew three sizes that dayCourtesy of MGM

11. Gremlins

Sure, this is a horror movie, but it’s set during Christmas. A father brings his son a small, furry creature called a Mogwai for Christmas, but there are rules. Never put them in the light, never get them wet and never, ever, feed them after midnight. Will Gizmo save the day?

Don’t feed them after midnight!Don’t feed them after midnight!Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Have Your Say

Which is your favorite Christmas movie? Was it on the list? Let us know in the comments and tell us why you love it. Merry Christmas!