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Take a Stand Against Bullying on Pink Shirt Day 2015

Feb 15, 2015

Think PINK! This year as Pink Shirt Day approaches let's make a pact to stand together! Let's be Bully Aware and make a stand. Bullying can and does take place anywhere and everywhere - it happens at school, it can happen at home and it most certainly happens online with social media. 

Kidzworld is going PINK in solidarity as a reminder to speak up and to stand together. This year, PINK SHIRT DAY takes place Wednesday, February 25th, 2015. What color will YOU be wearing?? 

What's Pink Shirt Day About?

Pink Shirt Day was started by two high school students living in Nova Scotia, Canada - David Shepard & Travis Price. David and Travis were just regular students in an ordinary high school - both in Grade 12 at the time. What wasn't ordinary was what happened next: the two teens witnessed a new Grade 9 classmate getting bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. A light bulb went off for David  and Travis, and they cracked a plan to do something about it. The boys ran to their local dollar store to buy up all the pink shirts they could find and then they distributed them to everyone at their school. They made a decision to STAND UP against bullying and invited everyone that could find to join them. Imagine how that Grade Nine student felt when he showed up for school the next day and the every where he looked people were wearing pink shirts!

It was a relatively small decision to act, but the results were gigantic. The message was clear - showing the bullies that bullying isn't okay. 

Pink Shirt Day is now celebrated every year as a way for students, whole classrooms, even entire schools, or offices... EVERYONE to THINK PINK. We carry on the work started by those two high school students as a way to speak up about bullying. All you need to do to participate is put on some pink!

How Do I Get Involved?

There are lots of different ways to show your support for Pink Shirt Day, and to get your friends and school involved too. Bullying is a serious issue, and Pink Shirt Day can be a great way to get a discussion started with anyone and everyone you know.

  • Here are 8 ways YOU can get involved: #pinkshirtday
  • Wear a Pink Shirt! Support Pink Shirt Day by purchasing the official shirt  or at London drugs. Benefiting anti-bullying programs in BC. #pinkshirtday (shirt sale proceeds go to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Vancouver, and other children's charities.)
  • Organize a bake sale or donation drive at your school for PSD or other charities that help combat bullying.
  • Challenge your friends and classmates to wear Pink Shirts February 25th, and ask if you can put PSD posters up around your school.
  • Share your support for PSD by following their Twitter or joining their Facebook page
  • Post the Pink Shirt Day PSA on social media to start making some noise about bullying.
  • Here are a couple of posters you can download, print off and hang up! If you want a letter size version (8.5″ x 11″) CLICK HERE and for the larger ledger size (11″ x 17″) you can CLICK HERE.
  • Share and retweet messages about Pink Shirt Day using the hashtag #pinkshirtday, and if you get your friends involved email your photos of everyone in all their pink glory to or tweet them to @pinkshirtday

Pink Shirt Day is February 25th, 2015!Pink Shirt Day is February 25th, 2015!

Kidzworld Profile Themes

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Pink Shirt Day PSA 2015

This new anti-bullying ad might change your mind about bullies forever:

For more information on Pink Shirt Day and how to participate, visit

Have Your Say

Have you had any experiences with bullying? Will you be participating in Pink Shirt Day 2015? Let us know in the comments section below.