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Yellowbird Exclusive Clip

Apr 07, 2015

Just when it’s time to migrate to Africa, Darius (Glover), the elder of the flock, is wounded.  He will have no choice but to share all his secrets, wisdom and new flying routes with the first bird that happens to come along. The candidate is none other than Yellowbird (Green), an eccentric little fellow, super excited about the challenge, but without the slightest hint of knowledge or natural talent for migrating whatsoever.

Seth Green as Yellowbird and Yvette Nicole Brown as LadybugSeth Green as Yellowbird and Yvette Nicole Brown as LadybugCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Exclusive Clip:

The clip is from the special features on the Yellowbird DVD and features Seth Green joking about learning to fly to play the title animated bird. Yellowbird is a charming family film with a Dove Seal of Approval featuring an all-star voice cast!

Yellowbird, flies onto DVD, Digital HD and On Demand today!

Yellowbird DVDYellowbird DVDCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment