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The Age of Adaline Movie Review

Reviewed by on Apr 24, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the Blake Lively supernatural romance “The Age of Adaline”. What if you never aged but your crushes grew older and older? How does Adaline handle it?

By: Lynn Barker

Beautiful Adaline (Blake Lively of TV’s “Gossip Girl”) was born in 1906. When she is in her late 20’s, she has a car accident under weird weather circumstances that causes her to stop aging. Wow! Talk about an unusual beauty treatment!

Gorgeous Adaline on New Year's EveGorgeous Adaline on New Year's EveCourtesy of Lionsgate

Story Goes

In San Francisco, Adaline Bowman is a normal, early 20th century woman. She marries, has a child but, after her husband is killed in an accident while building the Golden Gate Bridge, she is driving north and, during a freak snowstorm, has an accident that, with the aid of a lightning bolt, causes her to stop aging.

Adaline with Word War 2 soldiersAdaline with Word War 2 soldiers

In 2014, Adaline, under the name of Jenny, is working in the archive library at the S.F. Historical Preservation Society. Watching old films about the area, she thinks about her many lives under fake names through World War II up through the “Hippy” 1960’s era and finally to present day. At a New Year’s Eve party she meets a rich, handsome guy named Ellis (“Game of Throne’s” Michiel Huisman). She’s attracted but pushes him away. Adaline is always afraid some boyfriend might reveal her secret to the world. As a freak, scientists might want to experiment on her!

Ellis and Adaline meet on New Year's EveEllis and Adaline meet on New Year's EveCourtesy of Lionsgate

Really crushing on Ellis, Jenny shows him around historical spots in the city and talks about events that she actually attended as if they are ancient history. Sadly, her daughter (Ellen Burstyn) is now grandma age and her latest beloved pet, a King Charles spaniel, the last of many, many pet dogs, has to be put down. Never aging can kind of suck.

Adaline and love EllisAdaline and love EllisCourtesy of Lionsgate

When Ellis takes Adaline to meet his parents (Star Wars Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker) it is as if lightning has struck again. Adaline knows “dad”….from way back when and he certainly recognizes her. Will this turn of events stop her romance with Ellis? Can she finally commit to a guy without fear of sharing her weird secret with him?  

Adaline meets Ellis's dad (Harrison Ford)Adaline meets Ellis's dad (Harrison Ford)Courtesy of Lionsgate

Wrapping Up

The Age of Adaline is an entertaining romance for teens who are into that sort of thing. The supernatural element is cool but we really don’t need the detailed scientific explanation that a narrator continually gives to us. Let’s just chalk Adaline’s non-aging up to a freak of nature and move on.

Adaline in her 1931 wedding dressAdaline in her 1931 wedding dressCourtesy of Lionsgate

What is great about the film is not only how amazing Blake Lively looks in period gowns but her heart-felt acting and that of great actress Ellen Burstyn who plays Adaline’s daughter who is old enough to be her grandma. Also really, really good in the kind of film he rarely does is Harrison Ford as the older man who remembers Adaline fondly from his past. Some of his scenes will break your heart. Hunky Michiel Huisman, last seen hooking up with Daenerys Targaryen on “Game of Thrones”, is certainly appealing boyfriend material.

Adaline (Blake Lively) with daughter (Ellen Burstyn)Adaline (Blake Lively) with daughter (Ellen Burstyn)Courtesy of Lionsgate

The question “How would you live your life if you never aged?” leaves you with a lot to think about. Of course, Adaline is a grown woman. If you are only 13 or 14, this might really mess up your future. The film is a bit slow for younger tweens but teens should enjoy it, especially with your BFFs or as a PG-13 date movie. We go four stars.

The Age of Adaline Movie Rating:4

The Age of Adaline PosterThe Age of Adaline PosterCourtesy of Lionsgate

The Age of Adaline is in theaters now!