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Jonny Gray from Max and Shred Interview

May 19, 2015

Max & Shred" chronicles the unlikely friendship between celebrity snowboarder Max Asher and science whiz-kid Alvin “Shred” Ackerman who become roommates when Max moves to Colorado to train for the Winter Cup. Jonny Gray stars as Max Asher, a superstar teen snowboarder who finds an unlikely best in a younger science nerd. Find out more in his Kidzworld Interview!

Kidzworld: How did you first break into acting?

  • Jonny: It's kind of a long story, I entered a contest to be a reporter on elephants in Thailand, and I entered a video saying why they should pick me, and I won, and while I was there they said you're really good in front of the camera and with adult people and I didn't think much of it but eventually I told my mom I wanted to try it.

Jonny Gray stars as a snowboard superstar in Max and ShredJonny Gray stars as a snowboard superstar in Max and Shred

Kidzworld: It was just your birthday, so happy birthday!

  • Jonny: It was! Thank you very much!

Kidzworld: So let's talk about your character on the show, Max, what do you have in common with him?

  • Jonny: I think we're both high-energy people and kind people, and also in the athletic department, he's a snowboarder and I've been snowboarder for 7 years, and he's also a really funny person, he's got a weird sense of humor and I do as well - I actually have these things that Jake [Goodman] calls my Max Asher moments where I say something totaly dumb in  totally dull moment.

Kidzworld: It sounds like you have a lot in common, the way the show is set up you're this "cool guy" coming on to the scene, is it natural to you to play that kind of character?

  • Jonny: Yeah, he's a simple and down to earth guy, so I didn't find it weird cause I've never had problems fitting in or anything, when I went to high school I had two older brothers there already, so I already knew people. It's an amazing character, I love it.

Jake and Jonny are like brothers - on and off set!Jake and Jonny are like brothers - on and off set!Courtesy of Nickelodeon

Kidzworld: What's the best part about working with Jake Goodman?

  • Jonny: I think the best part if all the off scenes - he's a phenomenal actor, and does a great job,  but he's like a little brother to me know. I was always the little brother, and now it's like I have a little brother. I love him to death. 

Kidzworld: So if you can't pick Max and Shred, what are some of your favorite TV shows?

  • Jonny: I just started watching a show called Mr. D, and honestly it's one of the funniest shows I've ever watched, and I recently worked with one of the ladies on the show, and I watch some House of Cards, and the classics like Family Guy...I watch a lot of comedies.

Kidzworld: What would happen in your dream episode of Max and Shred?

  • Jonny: I think a dream episode would be like having a really cool guest character, some really famous person where Jake and I could be like "Oh hey man, what's going on" really casually. It could be an amazing moment - maybe someone like Sean White, that would really fit in, I snowboard so it would be an honor to meet him.

Kidzworld: What is something most people don't know about you?

  • Jonny: Most people don't know is that I'm academically I 'm pretty successful, I really love school. Math is easily my favorite subject, I really love science, I did really well in it last semester. 

Kidzworld: Whoa, so maybe you should be playing Shred?

  • Jonny: Haha, I don't know about that!

Jonny's dream episode of Max and Shred would feature a snowboarding celebJonny's dream episode of Max and Shred would feature a snowboarding celebCourtesy of Nickelodeon

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