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Take a Staycation!

May 16, 2016

During the summer, it seems like everyone is taking a vacation, whether it's a road trip or jetting off to an exotic location. Not everyone has the chance to take a far-away trip, though. If you're spending the summer at home, there's good news! There are loads of ways to have fun without even leaving your area! Keep reading to get some great staycation tips. 

Staycation Tips

Local Parks

You may think you know every park where you live, but you might be surprised. By looking up your area's parks department on the internet, you'll probably find a few that you've never had the chance to visit. Local parks can host a variety of events that you might be interested in, like barbecues, sporting events, and festivals, or can offer a new and relaxing place to peruse a good book or have a picnic. Grab a friend and head out to a park near you!

Local parks can offer a relaxing place to hang out!Local parks can offer a relaxing place to hang out!Courtesy of


Whether you live in a big city or a small town, your area is likely to be host to a few summer festivals that you have never thought to go to before. Maybe there's a fair coming to town? There could be outdoor music events that you've never explored before? Take a chance and check out something different where you live - you might find that you enjoy it.

The fair is a fun way to spend a summer evening!The fair is a fun way to spend a summer evening!Courtesy of cameraLinz

Tourist Attractions

You've probably lived where you are for at least a little while. Maybe if you've lived in your town for a few years you're thinking that a) you've seen all there is to see or b) tourist attractions just aren't cool. Well, you'd be wrong. Your town might be home to the world's largest pickle, or may feature an amazing natural phenomenon a little bit beyond the city borders. Grab a bus, take your bike, or ask your parents for a ride and take some time to look in to something that you've been taking for granted. 

Check out your local tourist attractions!Check out your local tourist attractions!Courtesy of CapBridge

Explore a New Neighborhood

Summer is a great time to explore different neighborhoods in your area. Ask your friends, teachers, or parents what a safe neighborhood to take a look at might be. You could stumble across something unexpected, like a restaurant you've never tried before, an awesome indie record store, or a cool used bookshop. Walk instead of driving; slowly take your time to fully admire an interesting new part of your town. Walking is also the perfect way to work in some exercise during your vacation!

Explore a new neighbourhood this summer!Explore a new neighbourhood this summer!Courtesy of blogTO

Maybe you've been feeling a bit sorry for yourself for not having somewhere exciting to travel to during your summer break, but cheer up! If you treat yourself to a staycation and follow the above advice, you're sure to find at least one new thing about where you live, and you might gain a new appreciation for where you live!

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