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Underdog Kids Exclusive Clip: Motivation

Jul 06, 2015

When the struggling Mid-City Community Center’s karate team loses their instructor a week before the big tournament, former MMA champ Jimmy “The Lightning Bolt” returns to his old neighborhood and reluctantly agrees to train the misfit bunch. Despite the struggles they face, the washed-up fighter and group of urban underdogs bravely take on the undefeated Beverly Hills Junior National Karate Team in the ultimate karate showdown at Nationals, and learn confidence, courage and honor along the way.

Alex practicingAlex practicingCourtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment

Exclusive Clip "Motivation"

The team trainingThe team trainingCourtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment

Underdog Kids is available on DVD July 7th!

Underdog Kids DVDUnderdog Kids DVDCourtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment

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