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Minions Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jul 09, 2015
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw Minions in 3-D. Should you make the trek to the Cineplex to learn the origin of these tiny, yellow, pill-shaped, big-goggled henchmen? Check our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

Bee-do! Banaanaaa! Turns out that teeny yellow Minions have been on earth since the dinosaurs always serving the baddest of the bad and somehow, accidently being responsible for the death of boss after boss. Talk about no job security!

Minions ride their T-Rex bossMinions ride their T-Rex bossCourtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

Story Goes

We are shown that Minions evolved from single-celled organisms into little pill-shaped, yellow dudes who have only one purpose; to serve history's most evil baddies including a T-Rex! Seems that the little guys manage to accidentally destroy all their masters: an Egyptian pharaoh, Dracula and Napoleon so they isolate themselves in the arctic and become super sad without a baddie to serve.

Leaving the arcticLeaving the arcticCourtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

By the year 1968, leader Minion Kevin with Minions Stuart and Bob, set out on a quest to find a new master before the whole tribe dies of depression. Arriving in NYC, the guys learn that Villain-Con is happening in Orlando, Florida. They manage to get there and impress supervillain Scarlet Overkill (voice of Sandra Bullock) who wants them to steal the English crown kept in the Tower of London. If they fail… off with their heads!

Scarlet OverkillScarlet OverkillCourtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

With the help of Scarlet's husband Herb's (voice of John Hamm) creative weapons, the Minions successfully break into the Tower of London to find that the crown has already been delivered to Queen Elizabeth II's palace and she is wearing it. They attack her in her carriage destroying it and landing Bob on top of the mythical Sword in the Stone. Bob is able to pull the sword Excalibur out to defend himself and voila! Bob is crowned king.

Bob (right) is King!Bob (right) is King!Courtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

Convinced they are traitors, Scarlet locks the trio in a dungeon to be tortured by Herb but they are able to escape through a sewer. They just want to apologize to Scarlet who is about to be crowned Queen. Again, they almost accidentally kill their “boss” and she orders a ton of supervillains, who were attending her coronation, to get them! Stuart and Bob are captured and Kevin manages to accidentally turn himself into a giant using one of Herb’s inventions.

Minions with their cool new weaponsTheMinions with their cool new weaponsCourtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

Giant Kevin rescues his buddies as the whole tribe of Minions arrives in London. Can the guys put Elizabeth back on the throne, kill Scarlet and find a new supervillain boss? When a very pint-sized baddie arrives to save the day, the Minions have found their new Bossman, a little kid named Gru.

Take us to Orlando Villain-Con!Take us to Orlando Villain-Con!Courtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

Wrapping Up

Minions provides charming fun in a 1968 setting that should entertain the whole family, especially the grandparents who lived the fabulous, funky ‘60’s. There are tributes to the musical “Hair” and a “walk-by” of The Beatles as well as a great soundtrack of famous classic rock tunes.

The Minions hitch a ride to Villain-ConThe Minions hitch a ride to Villain-Con

The Minions continue their fun, nonsense language that throws in a lot of Spanish terms. Little kids especially love trying to copy the lingo. The film lacks the heart of the Despicable Me films in which baddie Gru learned to love his little girls. Minion Bob loves his Teddy bear and adopts a stray rat and that’s about it except for a few, brief tearful moments when a Minion buddy appears to have died. It’s all cartoon, slapstick fun and, at that, the film certainly succeeds but might just be too much of a silly thing without anything to distract from one crazy Minion stunt after another.

Scarlet with her hubby HerbScarlet with her hubby Herb

Depending on your age, Minions might provide you with different levels of enjoyment. Be sure to sit through the closing credits for a lot more surprise Minion fun. We go 3 stars.

Minions Movie Rating:3

Minions PosterMinions PosterCourtesy of Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment

Minions is in theaters now!