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5 Things to do Before You Turn 18

Jul 23, 2015

Being a pre-teen or teenager is quite the experience. There are bound to be a lot of emotional ups and downs as you grow and learn more about yourself. It's also a very exciting time in your life, a time when you can do things that you might never be able to do again. Check out the following 5 things to be sure to do before you turn 18!

#1 Dye Your Hair

When else are you going to be in a situation where you have so much freedom with your appearance? When you get older, you'll likely find yourself in a full-time job that requires you to dress a certain way. Take the opportunity, when you're young, to dye your hair purple, turquoise, cherry red, or green. Have fun with how you look!

Thinking of dyeing your hair? Go for it!Thinking of dyeing your hair? Go for it!Courtesy of VP Fashion

#2 Keep a Diary

Now is the time to start journaling! Hopefully you'll make writing in a diary or a journal a habit that you keep up your whole life, but even if you don't, you'll have something amazing to look back on when you're older. The fully grown you will want to remember all the things you did and all the ways you felt, and writing is an excellent way to deal with your emotions. 

Keeping a diary can help you handle your emotionsKeeping a diary can help you handle your emotionsCourtesy of

#3 Skincare

Please start taking care of your skin! Even if your skin looks great now, it's bound to suffer some damage as you age. If you get into the habit of using sunscreen and caring for your skin while you're young, you'll thank yourself later when your friends are complaining about early wrinkles. 

Have fun at the beach, but don't forget to take care of your skin!Have fun at the beach, but don't forget to take care of your skin!Courtesy of

#4 Get to Know Your Family

You won't be living with your parents and siblings forever. You may even find yourself moving somewhere far away after you graduate from high school. Think of this as a time to really get to know your parents and brothers and sisters as people, and cherish the time you have to spend special moments with them. 

Spend some time with your family - you'll miss them when you're on your own!Spend some time with your family - you'll miss them when you're on your own!Courtesy of The Examiner

#5 Exercise

Create some muscle memory by exercising now! You don't have to go out and join a sports team, but even starting walking, running, or yoga will keep you body in shape as you get older. It will get harder to stay healthy as you age, but will be infinitely easier if you make keeping yourself active a habit now. 

Keep your body healthy!Keep your body healthy!Courtesy of Hot Yoga Stoney Creek

Remember, your pre-teen and teenage years are a time for you to explore who you are as a person. You might be busy with schoolwork and friend drama, but you need to always try to be yourself and you learn about the best ways to express your needs and wants. And don't forget to do something fun every once in a while!

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