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Top Apps for Back to School 2015

Aug 27, 2014

Your phone can be your best friend when it comes to getting the jump on homework (and fun) this year. Find out which apps made our list!

#7 Wikipanion

Wikipedia can be a great place to start when you need to research something fast - although you may need to hit some real books later in your research. You'll feel like a know-it-all on every subject with Wikipanion on your phone.

Cost: Free!

#6 Mystery Math Museum

Part of a series of math adventure apps, solving problems isn't always easy, but here's an equation we think is true: Museum Math Museum = fun!

Cost: $3.49 on iTunes

Math can be fun - no really!Math can be fun - no really!

#5 iHomework

Need a little help keeping on top of your homework? iHomework is there to help you organize so that you never have to tell your teacher that the dog ate your homework.

Cost: $2.29 on iTunes

Find out which apps will get you ahead this yearFind out which apps will get you ahead this year

#4 Brainscape

Flash cards can be a great way to quiz yourself, with Brainscape wherever your phone goes, so do your flash cards. Even teachers use this app to help their students.

Cost: Free!

#3 Star Walk

Does studying the stars have you over the moon? Using Star Walk, you can look at the night sky and find the info on every constellation. Great for scientific minds who are curious outside the classroom as well.

Cost: $ 3.49 on iTunes

Just aim your phone at the sky and find your constellationJust aim your phone at the sky and find your constellation

#2 EasyBib

Formatting biographies can be time-consuming, but EasyBib will help you get it done in no-time.

Cost: Free!

#1 Kidzworld

We couldn't have a best apps list and not include our own! Our new Kidzworld app is available on iTunes now, and coming soon to Andriod. With the Kidzworld app you can meet new friends, browse and post in the forums, chat in the chat room, send free stickers, read articles, join and create groups, upload photos and create photo albums and take quizzes!

Cost: Free! Just head over to iTunes to check it out and download.

Download Kidzworld's app today!Download Kidzworld's app today!

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