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The Visit Scares Actor Ed Oxenbould

Sep 14, 2015

By: Lynn Barker

Things at Grandma's house are pretty bizarre in The Visit. Hey, going to the grandparents’ house is usually a time to look forward to eating your fave things, staying up a bit late and generally being pampered. For teens Becca (Olivia de Jonge) and Tyler (Ed Oxenbould) seeing the grand ‘rents for the first time is super weird.

Dinner will get weirdDinner will get weirdCourtesy of Universal Pictures

In The Visit Tyler is a budding rapper who is helping his older sis make a documentary about the mysterious grandparents and why their mom left home at a young age to marry their older dad. What happens when they get there is a far cry from what they expected. Will they even survive to return home?

Check out what Aussie Ed, who is actually afraid of scary movies, had to say about the movie and his character. He is a far cry from Ed's character Alexander in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Ed, as Tyler, wonders what Nana and Pop-Pop are up toEd, as Tyler, wonders what Nana and Pop-Pop are up toCourtesy of Universal Pictures

Kidzworld: Do you visit your grandparents and do they have any house rules? What are they?

  • Ed: I visit my grandmother quite frequently but she's never crazy or scary or creepy. We have a lot of fun & do a lot of cooking.

Can you climb in the oven to clean it. Can you climb in the oven to clean it?Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Kidzworld: Tyler can rap on any subject at the drop of a hat in the movie. How much of a rapper were you before the film? Can you actually be given a subject and do a rap on spot?

  • Ed: I never rapped prior to the film & never thought about doing it. But, after the film, I've learnt a lot & I think I could freestyle.. - but I don't know if it would be any good.

Kidzworld: Give it a try! Are you a rap fan? Who would be your fave rap artist?  If you aren’t really into rap personally, what sorts of music do you like?

  • Ed: I listen to a lot of music & I listen to some rap & I do like listening to Biggie Smalls.

Ed (right) listens to his directorEd (right) listens to his directorCourtesy of Universal Pictures

Kidzworld: The film is a mix of comedy and horror. Were there any scary moments on set or was everyone cracking jokes and playing pranks between set-ups?

  • Ed: We did have a lot of fun on & off set but for the most part it was serious & hard work.

Kidzworld: Did the cast or at least you and Olivia get to meet and get to know each other before filming?  If so, where did you go and what did you do?

  • Ed: Yes we got to meet each other but only a couple of weeks before shooting. We were staying right next to each other in apartments near where we shot the film.

Kidzworld: Do you have a favorite scary movie?

  • Ed: No I don't watch any horror films. I get scared very easily.

Are these folks weird or what?Are these folks weird or what?

Kidzworld: So it’s weird that you are starring in one. As an actor, have you ever “frozen” still in your tracks, unable to move for a while like Tyler does in the film or while playing sports like in the story he tells?

  • Ed: No I've never frozen & I hope I never do. I don't play sports.

Kidzworld: What was your favorite scene to shoot?

  • Ed: The scene where we were playing hide ‘n seek under the house because we got to film that ourselves as the cameraman was too big to fit under the special set that was built for that scene.

Ed, as Tyler, and sis Becca Skype their mom Ed, as Tyler, and sister Becca Skype their mom. Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Kidzworld: So cool to crawl under there and film it yourselves too!  Do you or you and your friends often shoot videos either for YouTube or just your own enjoyment? If so, what is usually the subject matter?

  • Ed: My friends & I often film videos when we get together & hang out & they're usually just silly situational videos just for our own amusement.

Kidzworld: What will we see you in next?

  • Ed: Good question. Paper Planes, a movie I shot in Australia, has just been released in the US & you can see me in that.

Ed faces a lab disaster in the Alexander movie Ed faces a lab disaster in the Alexander movieCourtesy of Disney

Kidzworld: Great. Why do you think teens will enjoy seeing The Visit?

  • Ed: Because it's a mix of funny, scary, creepy & sad - and I think a lot of teens will like how unique this film is.


The Visit PosterThe Visit PosterCourtesy of Universal Pictures

The Visit is in theaters now!