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Forza Motorsport 6 Xbox One Game Review

Reviewed by on Sep 25, 2015
Rating: 5 Star Rating

White knuckle racing of the highest order. Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One races past the competition. Watch or read Kidzworlds review!


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A Driver's Dream

My dad owns a green, E-Type Jaguar. A beautiful car he will never let me drive. But thanks to Forza Motorsport 6 on Xbox One, the dream of driving that car, is now a reality. Well, close enough.

Thanks to responsive and precise controls, convincing car and track physics and a collection of cars that offer a little something for everyone. Turn 10 has delivered a love letter to racing fans.

High speed wet road racing!High speed wet road racing!

Feel the need to drive something old-school in the rain? How about a super powered Honda under the piercing hot sun. Maybe tearing around Daytona in an open wheel racer so fast you turn "plaid" (Bonus points if you get that movie reference!) is more to your liking? Forza Motorsport 6 has got you covered. The amount of variety in not only locations but track layouts is satisfying and thanks to the addition of night racing and wet road racing, each track remains exciting, longer.

Speaking of the wet road racing, It is phenomenal in Forza 6. The most authentic rain racing I have ever played. Having driven home on a highway in a rain storm the day I picked up Forza 6, I was over joyed with how true-to-life the cars felt upon hitting the wet track. Hydroplaning is a legitimate concern and you have to adjust your racing line as pools of water build up on the track and visibility drops under heavy rainfall.

Vintage open wheel cars.Vintage open wheel cars.

A friend of mine commented that Forza 6 made his body almost ache. The racing so intense that he found his muscles tense up as he barreled down a long straight away. He was not exaggerating. I had the exact same experience. The racing has become so authentic that you instinctively find yourself leaning into turns on your couch, or clenching up as gravity pulls you off the road.

"Mods" are a fun new wrinkle to the Forza gameplay. Think of them like burn cards in Titanfall. Each mod card gives you an additional boost on the track, like bonus experience for perfect passes, or a little extra tire grip and so forth.

Finally drove my Dad's E-Type Jaguar!Finally drove my Dad's E-Type Jaguar!

Forza 6's career mode was the biggest surprise during my play time because It's actually really well paced and engaging, never feeling like a grind as you race across various series. With each new level you hit, a free roulette spin is awarded where you can win new cars or new mods.

Special featured events pop up as well, one of which has you replicating some of history's greatest races. There's a constant sense of progression in Forza 6 that is rewarding and always fun.

On top of that, you have online multiplayer modes to play with the Forza community, and a robust livery editor (paint editor) if feeling artistically ambitious. There's even an excellent photo-mode. In fact, most of the pictures embedded I took myself.

Sights And Sounds

Forza Motorsport 5 was a good looking game. Forza 6... is a gorgeous game. Playing the two games back to back, the difference is noticeable. God beams shatter through the trees, dust blows across dry tracks and rain sloshes across the windscreen convincingly as you fly around 26 stunning tracks from all over the world. And night racing, brings new excitement to tracks you may have raced on countless times in the daylight. All of this eye candy is displayed at a steady 60 frames per second.

Take your own photos in photo mode!Take your own photos in photo mode!

The car models themselves, are insanely detailed as well, the power of current gen being used to totally convince the viewer that they are looking at the real thing and not some digital representation. Flip through your garage and take closer look at them in the Autovista mode. You can almost smell the leather and rubber.

Go over 250 MPH!Go over 250 MPH!

The audio is no slouch either. Some of the cars scream like banshees, others growl angry caged lions and your tires squeal as they melt on the hot tarmac. Wind hums over your windshield at high speeds and you can hear the individual rain drops pitter-patter on the hood and roof of your car during a storm. The epic musical score that plays in the background of each race adds a little cinematic inspiration and urgency as well, although it can be turned off for those that simply want to hear their car and the road speak to each other.

Accessible Simulation

Have you always wanted to try out a more simulation based racing game but have been scared by the difficulty or steep learning curve? Forza 6 allows for a wide range of customization and car assists to help less seasoned players keep the car on the road. Including added traction control, brake assisting and visual cues on the road showing you the ideal lines.

A rewind feature is also available, giving you a second, third, or even fourth stab a tough turn. Allowing you to learn the intricacies of each and every bend on the track.

Each vehicle and track has stunning detail.Each vehicle and track has stunning detail.

Accident On Turn 10

I only have one complaint as of this writing about Forza 6. The load times. Do you like to make complicated sandwiches or take extended bathroom breaks before a race? Then you'll be happy camper here. Load times can be painful, especially when you're in the zone and just want to get to the next race quickly. Thankfully, the long waits only really occur when entering a race. When skipping through menus, or exiting out of races and such. Everything moves much quicker.

Available now, exclusively on Xbox OneAvailable now, exclusively on Xbox OneCourtesy of Microsoft Studios

Final Thoughts

Forza Motorsport 6 is a triumph. Stunning to look and even better to play. It's not only the best racing game so far this year. It's one of the best games of the year, period.

Forza Motorsport 6: Xbox One Game Rating:5

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