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Goosebumps Movie Review

Reviewed by on Oct 16, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw the Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black as horror author R.L. Stine. Is it fun for you, your buds and parents too? Check out our movie review.

By Lynn Barker

In Goosebumps, there is nothing quite as upsetting as having to suddenly move to another town and leave all your besties behind. For teen Zach this seems softened by the fact that the girl next door to his new home is way hot! Of course, her dad is an unfriendly horror author with real monsters locked inside his manuscripts!

Zach and Hannah hit it offZach and Hannah hit it off

New Town, Hot Girl

After moving from NYC to a small town, unhappy teen Zach (Dylan Minnette) whose dad has died only the year before, meets hot next door neighbor Hannah (Odeya Rush) but her dad is horror author R.L. Stine (Jack Black) of “Goosebumps” fame and he angrily tells Zach to stay away from his daughter. 

Jack Black with the real R.L. StineJack Black with the real R.L. StineCourtesy of Sony Pictures

New Best Bud

Zach is befriended by Champ (Ryan Lee) a nerdy teen dude dying for a buddy. Together at Zach’s, they hear Hannah argue with her dad and hear her scream. After sneaking into her house, they discover R.L. Stine’s office where all his “Goosebumps” manuscripts are stored and locked! Champ, a fan of the books, checks them out. Hannah finds the boys but not before a book is unlocked and The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena escapes.

Abominable Snowman has the kids corneredAbominable Snowman has the kids corneredCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The vampire poodleThe vampire poodleCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Slappy’s Plan

Also released from a book is Slappy the ventriloquist’s dummy who is kind of R.L.’s alter ego. He’s angry at being kept in the book so he releases many of the other monsters from their books and R.L., Hannah, Zach and Champ are confronted by evil, killer lawn gnomes in the kitchen. They finally escape the house but too late! Slappy is releasing all the monsters in Stine’s books, then destroying the books so they can’t be put back in!

Slappy makes his escape with the manuscriptsSlappy makes his escape with the manuscriptsCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Saving the Town

After tangling with a werewolf, the invisible boy, a giant praying mantis, a lot of zombies, man-eating plants, a killer clown and more, the group realize that R.L. must write them out of trouble to save the town. Hannah and Zach form a heavy attraction as the gang heads to the high school where R.L.’s manual typewriter is enshrined. Now, it is a race against time to save R.L., the students at a school dance and the entire town from destruction until the famous author can finish a new story that will destroy the monsters he has created.

Werewolf in the grocery storeWerewolf in the grocery storeCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Goosebumps Movie Trailer


Wrapping Up

Storytelling and imagination are powerful tools and it’s cool to see them work wonders in this film.  If it makes you want to read some “Goosebumps” books or write your own, that’s great! Most of Stine’s novels have a twist or two and this movie is no exception. I must say, at first I didn’t see the twist coming and it adds a nice emotional section to the film.

The killer gnomes attack!The killer gnomes attack!Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Jack Black as writer Stine is really good in a new kind of role for him; a sad, lonely, angry recluse who really just longs for love and belonging. Since teen next door Zach feels much the same way since his dad died, the two characters manage to help each other emotionally all while running around at break-neck pace trying to capture or destroy Stine’s monsters. Odeya Rush as Hannah makes a winning, sheltered teen with an overprotective dad while Ryan Lee is pretty hilarious as nerdy teen Champ who ends up doing his share of monster bashing.

Did you open this book?Did you open this book?Courtesy of Sony Pictures

Is Goosebumps super frightening? Nope. Even the scariest of characters is given some little sprinkle of “cute” but the film remains good-hearted and really fun for all ages. You do root for the characters and enjoy the monsters who really just want freedom… well except Slappy the dummy as their leader who is a bit creepy and, like his creator, a little self-involved. You’ll have fun. We go 4 stars.

Goosebumps Movie Rating:4

Goosebumps Movie PosterGoosebumps Movie PosterCourtesy of Sony Pictures

Goosebumps is in theaters now!

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Have you read any “Goosebumps” novels or seen the TV shows based on them? Are you a Jack Black fan? Do you like your scares with a touch of humor? Lay down a comment below!