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Transformers Devastation Game Review

Reviewed by on Oct 20, 2015
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Transformers Devastation from Platinum Games offers some repetitive but awesome beat-em-up action for PlayStation, Xbox and PC gamers. Watch or read Kidzworlds game review, right here!


Transformers: Devastation Video Review


Transformers, Roll Out And Kick Butt 

Those crazy developers at Platinum Games have a habit of creating some of the best action titles on the market. From Vanquish to Bayonetta to The Wonderful 101, Platinum knows how to make players feel like a badass and Transformers Devastation, is no exception. 

Fans of the original Transformers cartoon are in for a real treat, as Platinum Games have paid a lot of attention to nailing the look of the 1980's animated series. Locations, character models, and animations all look just like the show and the icing on the cake? Most of the original voice cast returns. The audio in general is fitting, with a steady stream of high energy guitar riffs that had me banging my head as I systematically dismantled my enemies.

The game looks just like the cartoon.The game looks just like the cartoon.

Dropping an axe on Decepticons as Optimus Prime or sliding under the legs of an Insecticon as Bumblebee, it all felt tight, smooth and satisfying as I combo 'd my way to victory. I was thankful the game controlled so well because some of the later battles demanded as much. Sometimes testing my skills, other times my patience, as the odds increasingly stacked in the Decepticons favor.

Boss fights, while providing some of the greatest "wow" moments, also provide some fo the more frustrating with each being able to take an incredible amount of damage. Let's just say death will be knocking on your door more than a few times.

The action really does feel great though and it looks very slick as well, but there's really not a whole lot to the game. The story is familiar for Transformers fans, with Megatron up to no good as usual, this time attempting to turn earth into a new Cybertron. Luckily the Autobots are on earth to save the day.

Throughout Transformers Devastation's seven to ten hour campaign (depending on difficulty), you'll have the chance to kick Decepticon butt as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Wheeljack and...well, that's it. Each Autobot has their own unique weapons and special move but the differences are inconsequential in battle. This may not have bothered me that much if the rest of the game - outside the of visuals and action - wasn't also lacking.

Optimus Prime taking a beating from Devastator!Optimus Prime taking a beating from Devastator!

Less Than Meets The Eye

Level design in general looks like it was slapped together in minutes. Numerous times I found myself jumping over the same building or fighting in the same area as the "story" had me running around the city accomplishing unexciting objectives. Platinum Games does try and mix it up here and there with a high speed bridge chase and an overhead section. But they are brief and forgettable moments.

A loot system rears its head, which allows you to combine weapons to level them up but after a couple of upgrades, its inclusion felt trivial and I eventually abondoned it. Never did the upgrading ever feel compelling. 

Blast Insecticons out of the air.Blast Insecticons out of the air.

New moves and combos can be purchased with in-game currency (exp) but like a lot of the two or three button combo games out there, Transformers Devastation can be beaten by dodging at the perfect moment (which slows down time) and spamming the same couple combos. Button mashers will feel right at home but those who take the time to learn all the combos will certainly be able to put on a much greater show.  

Once the story is completed, challenges are unlocked, pitting players against a group of selected enemies. Want to take on every Constructicon as Bumblebee? This mode allows you to live out that dream battle.

The action is insanely epic at times!The action is insanely epic at times!

The Prime Directive: Fun

The lack of an original story or interesting world to explore aside, I had a lot of fun withTransformers Devastation. What Platinum does best they nail here. The visuals and the fast paced over the top combo-centric action are fantastic. A fight between Optimus Prime and Megatron is as epic as it should be and ripping around in vehicle form only to then transform and deliver a knockout blow to an enemy never gets old, even if repetitive. There are near Dragon Ball Z level fights here and it's awesome.

G1 Transformer fans will eat it up and fans of brawlers in general will have a good time with Platinum's latest as well, just don't expect a lot of depth or replayablity unless you really really really love beating Decepticons up over and over and over again on your own... which I do.

Transformers Devastation is available now!Transformers Devastation is available now!Courtesy of Activision

Final Thoughts

Transformers Devastation is incredible to look at in action and when in the heat of battle, as much fun to play.  It's just too bad everything surrounding the combat and visuals wasn't given as much thought. I'm giving Transfomers Devastation the highest 3 stars out of 5 I can.


  • Slick visuals
  • Very satisfying combat


  • Bland level designs
  • Lack of depth
  • Low replayability

Transformers Devastation Game Rating:3

Available now on PlayStation 4 (reviewed), PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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