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All About Rabbits

Nov 02, 2015

Do you know the hare-story behind bunnies? How'd they get to be so darn cute! The answers are just a hop away in All About Rabbits!

The Basics

  • The scientific name for rabbits is "Leporidae"
  • They are mammals
  • Rabbits are herbivores
  • Their natural habitat is: meadows, woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, deserts and forests
  • You can find them in Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, Europe and North America

Rabbits are great jumpers!Rabbits are great jumpers!

Party Animals

Rabbits have a reputation for being quiet - but really they're very social animals.They love being with other rabbits, and even communicate vocally though it's hard for humans to hear. When they make a low humming sound it means they're being affectionate.

Rabbits are naturally cuddly, and even groom each other when they socialize (just like braiding your friends hair if you're having a sleepover.) This behavior is called  'allogrooming.' Even rabbits that are pets prefer to have at least one companion. It's even a good idea to introduce them to new people, pets and places when they're young.

Rabbits love to be togetherRabbits love to be together

In the wild rabbits live in groups together in sets of complicated underground tunnels with multiple exits. These underground communal dwellings are called a 'warren.'

Just like outgoing people, rabbits can get bored with the same environment, and require a change from time to time, although in the wild they like knowing their surroundings so they can quickly hide from predators. Even if a rabbit is a pet, they like having shelters where they can hide if they need to!

Rabbits live together in underground warrensRabbits live together in underground warrens

Did You Know

  • Both wild and domesticated rabbits love to dig, which is why farmer's don't love them in their gardens
  • Rabbits need lots of fibre in their diet - think grass and hay!
  • They have very strong hind limbs that allow them to jump great distances.
  • They can stand upright on their hindlegs to get a better view of approaching predators
  • When rabbits 'binky' it means their really happy! You can tell because they run, jump in the air, kick their feet and twist.
  • They have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision
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