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Shaun The Sheep Movie Blu-ray Review

Reviewed by on Nov 24, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the Blu-ray for the Shaun the Sheep Movie. Are there cute extras? Should you bring this home or gift over the holidays?

By: Lynn Barker

Hey, things get boring on the farm for leader Shaun and his fellow sheep in the Shaun the Sheep Movie. When their farmer/owner disappears into the big city, Shaun leads the herd to search for him. Can the wooly flock survive in town? Will things change when they all get home?

Shaun on the way to the cityShaun on the way to the cityCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Boring Life on the Farm

At Mossy Bottom Farm, sheep leader Shaun lives with his flock and other animals. The flock misses the fun they used to have with the farmer before everything settled into monotony so Shaun makes a plan to take the flock on a trip to the city. Whoops! He accidentally launches the sleeping farmer toward the city inside a small runaway travel trailer! The farmer’s loyal dog Blitzer follows the trailer telling Shaun to keep the flock at home.

The sheep with their beloved farmerThe sheep with their beloved farmerCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Trouble in the Big City

Later, in the city, the farmer gets clunked on the head and ends up in the hospital with amnesia. He does remember how to shear a sheep and using clippers, becomes a famous hair stylist!  He still has no idea who he is. At the farm, the pigs have taken over the farmer’s house and are raising heck. This can’t go on! Shaun goes to the city and the flock follows. After several adventures, Shaun and flock find the farmer but he doesn’t recognize any of them.

A bored Shaun primpsA bored Shaun primpsCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Can Shaun and Flock Save the Day?

Teaming up with a homeless dog named Slip and avoiding Trumper, an evil animal control dude, the gang devises a plan to abduct the farmer and take him home where he surely will remember everything! It works but evil animal control guy follows. Will everyone, including homeless dog Slip, end up okay and happy? Will the farmer wake up, remember and realize how much he loves his flock and they him?

The Evil TrumperThe Evil TrumperCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Shaun The Sheep Movie Trailer


Special Extra Features

  • Making the Shaun Movie- is sometimes silly as the Aardman animation guys act out various sequences in the film. Then they are interviewed about making the movie. Informative and kinda fun.

Shaun, Bitzer and dog SlipShaun, Bitzer and dog SlipCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment
  • Meet the Characters- gives us the low-down on the creative characters in the movie and reveals some of the plot. 
  • Join Shaun Behind the Scenes – zeros in on the Shaun character in talks with his animator and the model maker. You get to see a sequence being prepared for the long stop-motion animation process. Informative and fun.

Fast and Furious Parody PosterFast and Furious Parody PosterCourtesy of Lionsgate
  • Meet the Crew- more interviews with filmmakers.
  • Parody Poster Gallery – You might have seen a few of these in ads for the movie. They are pretty funny.

Parody Poster of Shaun as Bond in SpectreParody Poster of Shaun as Bond in SpectreCourtesy of Lionsgate

Wrapping Up

The extras on the Blu-ray disc aren’t amazing but cute and the Shaun the Sheep Movie is sweet, funny, clever, full of love and beautifully stop-motion animated! The film is from Aardman Studios, the talented gang who created “Wallace and Gromit” and the “Chicken Run” movie.

The flock in disguiseThe flock in disguiseCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

The whole family will chuckle at the physical humor in the movie and you really root for these silly-looking sheep and especially for the stray dog they meet to triumph, escape evil and be happy at home. All this and not one word is spoken…although a song is sung. It’s like an amazing silent movie!

Farmer is successful as a hairdresserFarmer is successful as a hairdresserCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

This adorable Shaun the Sheep film makes a great collectable and would make a delightful gift to unwrap and watch with the whole gang over the holidays! We go four stars.

Shaun The Sheep Movie Blu-ray Rating:4

Shaun The Sheep Movie Blu-ray CoverShaun The Sheep Movie Blu-ray CoverCourtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment

Shaun The Sheep Movie is now available on Blu-ray + DVD!


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