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Creed Movie Review

Reviewed by on Nov 24, 2015
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Will famous boxer Rocky Balboa agree to coach the son of his once arch rival Apollo Creed? Can both men achieve victory? Is Creed a feel-good film? Check out Kidzworld’s movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Creed, famous retired boxer Rocky Balboa is just going through the motions of running the café his deceased wife Adrian started and visiting old gym friends. When Adonis Johnson decides to fight for a bigtime win, Rocky is his pick for a trainer. “Donnie’s” real dad was Rocky’s arch rival yet friend Apollo Creed. Can Adonis win the championship and rekindle Rocky’s lust for life?

Rocky trains AdonisRocky trains AdonisCourtesy of Warner Bros.

A Rough Start

In a flashback we meet Adonis Johnson (Alex Henderson), a teen in a Los Angeles juvenile detention center. He is regularly busted for fighting. He’s an orphan who’s been in several group homes. One day Mary Anne Creed (Phylicia Rashad), visits and tells him that he’s the illegitimate son of her late husband, former heavyweight champion Apollo Creed. Would he want to come live with her?

Mary Anne encourages AdonisMary Anne encourages AdonisCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Flash Forward

In the present, 20-something Adonis (Michael B. Jordan), called Donnie, still lives with Mary Anne in the high class mansion that Apollo Creed’s boxing success bought. Creed passed away long ago. Donnie never met him. Donnie tries to work a posh office job but keeps going down to Mexico for underground weekend prize fights. He’s a good boxer but could be better.

Adonis with Mary Anne in his office daysAdonis with Mary Anne in his office daysCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Off to Meet Rocky

Against Mary Anne’s wishes (she doesn’t want him to die of boxing injuries) Donnie goes to Philadelphia, hoping to train with Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) the man his dad finally beat in the ring and who knew his dad’s fighting moves the best. Can he convince the retired Rocky to coach him?

This kid may have somethingThis kid may have somethingCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Training and Friendship

Retired Rocky is still keeping his long-dead wife Adrian’s restaurant open and visiting her grave. He’s living a kind of sad “old guy” life. Donnie has a hard time convincing Rocky to train him but, slowly the two form a sort of tentative dad/son bond during training. Donnie also meets his hot downstairs neighbor an R&B singer called Bianca (Tessa Thompson) who rebuffs him right and left but eventually is into him and a romance develops.

Adonis tries to score with BiancaAdonis tries to score with BiancaCourtesy of Warner Bros.

New Battles to Fight

Adonis doesn’t tell anyone whose son he is but after he wins his first big fight, the info is out and, because of the interesting publicity the son of Apollo Creed garners, he is offered a shot at the light-heavyweight title against British champ Pretty Ricky Conlan (Anthony Bellew) who has to start a career-ending prison sentence in a few months. He needs a swan song fight and is sure he can beat Adonis.  Meanwhile, Rocky faces a serious health threat and only Adonis can talk him into fighting his own battle. Will both men win?

Pretty Boy ConlanPretty Boy ConlanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Can I be as good as my dad?Can I be as good as my dad?Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Creed - Official Trailer


Wrapping Up

Creed is a wonderful film. You really root for Rocky and his new son/protégé to win in several personal and professional battles. There is a sweet, kinda hot and believable romance between Adonis and singer/songwriter Bianca and plenty of chemistry between Michael B. Jordan and Tessa Thompson too.

Falling in loveFalling in loveCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The real winner in the movie is Sly Stallone. This is the first Rocky film that he didn’t write and the first where he isn’t actually the lead character. He is just marvelous. I’ve never seen Stallone act as well. He really digs to the bottom of the character that he created many years ago and the result is we love this guy!  Young or old, Rocky “The Italian Stallion” Balboa is a winner.

Training in PhillyTraining in PhillyCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The movie has lots of hot boxing action, Michael B. Jordan looks really cut and buff and certainly sells himself as a real boxer. There are also plenty of cute, funny moments like when Adonis takes a picture with his cell phone of some training notes Rocky gives him and we see that Rocky is totally clueless and looks up to the heavens when Adonis says “Don’t worry. It’s in the Cloud”.  “What cloud?”.

Pretty BiancaPretty BiancaCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The story of an old pro mentoring a young guy certainly isn’t new but the fact that these two battered guys from two different generations really “save” each other is a wonderful, heart-warming way to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season. We go 4 stars.

Creed Movie Rating:4

Creed Movie PosterCreed Movie PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Creed is in theaters November 25th!

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