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Cute Winter Leggings

Dec 18, 2015

Looking for a way to keep warm and look stylish? Winter leggings might be the right choice for you! In addition to keeping your legs nice and cozy, even when it's chilly outside, winter leggings can be a super fun way to add a little color or pattern to your outfit. 


  • Patterned leggings are so fun for winter! There are loads of patterns available that are inspired by the cold weather. For example, you can find leggings that have a snowflake pattern.
  • If you're interested in really showcasing your Christmas spirit, you can even find reindeer or Santa patterned leggings!
  • Patterned leggings usually work best with a solid-colored top, just because if you wear another pattern on top it will take away from the visual impact of your leggings. It's totally up to you, though! 

A snowflake pattern is a lot of fun to rock in winter time. A snowflake pattern is a lot of fun to rock in winter time. Courtesy of groopdealz.com

Knee Patch

  • Patched leggings are an exciting new trend in leggings. A lot of leggings in stores these days are sporting knee patches of all shapes, sizes, and colors; there are skull patches, heart patches, any kind of patch you want! 
  • You can buy pre-patched leggings, but you could also consider patching a DIY project. You could cut patches out of another fabric and sew them on to create the desired effect. It wouldn't be a bad idea to get some advice from an adult or someone who really knows how to sew before you start, though. 

Knee patches are a stylish new twist on leggings. Knee patches are a stylish new twist on leggings. Courtesy of aliexpress.com


  • Sweatpant leggings have opened up a whole new world of comfort for those who love fashion. Leggings like this are made out of sweatpant material, but unlike classic sweatpants, the leggings are tight on the leg. 
  • Sweatpant leggings are appropriate to wear out of the house, but it's still a casual style, so if you're looking for holiday party leggings, this is probably not the best choice for you. 
  • Try pairing sweatpant leggings with a long hoodie or an oversized tank top for a sporty feel.

These snuggly sweatpant leggings look so comfortable!These snuggly sweatpant leggings look so comfortable!Courtesy of vans.com


  • Velvet may just be the best fabric ever. Now these are your party leggings! The texture of velvet adds a lot to an outfit, and you can find velvet leggings in all sorts of colors, from purple to gray to classic black. 
  • Velvet leggings look great under dresses or skirts, or you can wear them with a t-shirt to mix up your style a bit. 
  • One of the greatest things about velvet is that it's a naturally heavy fabric, so it's perfect for wearing during winter. 

Velvet is chic in a big way!Velvet is chic in a big way!Courtesy of ilovethelot.com

Remember, when you're looking for winter leggings, your comfort is important. If it's especially cold where you live, double check to see if the leggings are thick or have a fuzzy lining - you don't want to end up wearing super thin leggings when a cold wind is blowing. And mix it up - have some fun with your legging choices! 

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