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Daddy's Home Movie Review

Reviewed by on Dec 27, 2015
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews the wacky family comedy Daddy’s Home. Will a sweet but bland stepdad win his stepkids’ affection or will their hot, irresponsible, bad-boy dad be first in their hearts?

By: Lynn Barker

Daddy's Home makes us wonder, do you have a step-dad or have friends who do? Sometimes original dads and step-dads can get along great but it’s an all out war for family affection between Brad (Will Ferrell of Elf) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg).

Dusty tries to take over a field tripDusty tries to take over a field tripCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Dying for Affection

Good-hearted radio station exec Brad Whitaker (Will Ferrell) desperately wants to be a dad but can’t have kids and is trying hard with his stepkids Megan and Dylan with wife Sara (Linda Cardellini) but the kids seem to hate him. He’s growing on them and Megan has even asked Brad to the dad/daughter dance when their hunky biological, military mercenary dad Dusty Mayron (Mark Wahlberg) shows up in town determined to get his family back.

Daughter Megan leaves Brad out of family drawingsDaughter Megan leaves Brad out of family drawingsCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Competition Grows

Dusty makes fresh cinnamon rolls that he secretly got from Cinnabon at the mall. Brad tries to prove he can ride Dusty’s motorcycle…with disastrous results. Dusty brings home a dog for the kids and Brad throws Christmas in April with a pony for Megan. Dusty counters when Brad gets the gang expensive primo seats at a Laker’s game by using a friend to introduce the kids to Kobe Bryant. Megan asks Dusty to take her to the dad/daughter dance.

Whoops! Brad really can't ride a motorcycleWhoops! Brad really can't ride a motorcycleCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Dusty Can’t Get the Dad Thing

When Brad, jealous and hurt, gets wasted and makes a big fool of himself at the basketball game, wife Sara kicks him out of the house. He sleeps at his office while Dusty takes over daily dad duties like having to drop the kids off at school and chauffeur them around to play dates and dentist appointments until he’s half crazy. Before the dad/daughter dance, Dusty gives up and is leaving town.

Dusty makes the kids love himDusty makes the kids love himCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

The Dance


After the two dads talk, both show up for Megan at the dance and, both having made up and grown up a bit, they have a dance off with an angry dad instead of a big fist fight. Dusty will stay around and ends up with a house down the street etc. 

The dads compete with bedtime storiesThe dads compete with bedtime storiesCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Daddy's Home Trailer


Wrapping Up 

Daddy’s Home has a good heart and there are some really funny moments but overall, it’s a long time and a lot of kinda boring chatter between funny stuff. One scene where the two guys compare “junk” at a doctor’s office is a little too adult for a PG-13 film (you don’t actually see anything of course). The physical comedy is funnier than the verbal jokes but Mark and Will work really well together and this makes most of the movie work.

Can Brad and Sara have a baby? Hopes are upCan Brad and Sara have a baby? Hopes are up.Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

A favorite funny scene is the dad/daughter dance where son Dylan faces his bullies and both dads decide that kicking the butt of a bully’s dad might not be appropriate so they challenge him to a wacky dance battle instead.  The movie has a fun ending that involves hottie Dusty facing someone he just might not be able to beat up or best. Little kids might be a bit bored but tweens and up should get enough of a kick out of Daddy’s Home to merit a trip to the cineplex. We go 3 stars.

Brad's skateboarding trick goes horribly wrongBrad's skateboarding trick goes horribly wrongCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Daddy's Home Movie Rating:3

Daddy's Home Movie PosterDaddy's Home Movie PosterCourtesy of Paramount Pictures

Daddy's Home is in theaters now!


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