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Chloë Moretz is Cassie in The 5th Wave!

Jan 20, 2016

By: Lynn Barker

Check out Chloë starring in The 5th Wave!  We've enjoyed watching pretty Chloë Grace Moretz in films since she was little in Hugo, Carrie, If I Stay, Kick Ass and many more. She is about to go into production on The Little Mermaid. Now, 18-year-old Chloë plays Cassie, an average American teen forced to become a heroine when aliens invade earth by first destroying it along with most of the population. With her little brother held captive, Cassie must grow up and toughen up fast to survive and rescue him. She didn't count on falling for a mysterious stranger along the way.

Cassie and Sam run for their lives.Cassie and Sam run for their lives.

We are learning just how tight Chloë's family is and how they keep her both grounded and supported in the Hollywood jungle. How was shooting in her native Atlanta? An accomplished stunt performer, did she have to hold back her skills to play action-clueless Cassie?

Kidzworld: If you were to have to face one of these waves of destruction, which would be the most terrifying to you? Earthquakes, Tsunamis, disease.. or something else? 

  • Chloë: Earthquakes because I live in Los Angeles and it feels like an everyday fear.

Kidzworld: You were born in Atlanta so was it just like going home? Still have friends there? 

  • Chloë: It is so weird to go back and film in the city that you're from. Because on weekends I can see my cousins and aunt and uncle. It was cool to be able to have a relationship with my nieces and nephews who I rarely get to see.

Cassie with her dad and bro Sam at relocation campCassie with her dad and bro Sam at relocation camp

Kidzworld: So fun! You have older brothers but would you put yourself in life-threatening danger if one of them were in trouble?  Since you are younger maybe they would be the ones coming to save you? 

  • Chloë: I think in my family any of us would risk our lives for another. We are extremely close and already we put our necks on the line for each other, so I definitely think we would save someone in our family.

Cassie escapes with Sam with Ben in towCassie escapes with Sam with Ben in tow

Kidzworld: You’ve done some action roles.. like Hit Girl in Kick Ass etc. How hard was it to just pull back and play someone who, at least at first, doesn’t have a clue about fighting or shooting guns etc.? Was there a "boot camp" for you and the young actors playing soldiers?

  • Chloë: I had to pull back most of my training. I had to remember that Cassie is an everyday girl, she doesn't know how to handle a weapon or scale a wall. I wasn't apart of he child soldier scenes so I didn't do a boot camp but I do believe everyone involved in that story line did a 2 week training course.

Cassie and Ben at the training baseCassie and Ben at the training base

Kidzworld: We asked your co-star Maika this too. Cassie just can’t trust anyone. When she does, it usually backfires for her.  Do you find that, being a young actress in Hollywood, it is also hard to trust people? They all want something from you? 

  • Chloë: I have a pretty tight group of friends and family, so I don't find trust to be an issue, but I do put new people I meet through their paces. I don't just trust anyone I meet automatically.

Hiding and in dangerHiding and in danger

Kidzworld: Cassie seems about the most “normal” or “real” character I’ve seen you play.. I mean Hit Girl, a teen werewolf, a girl with supernatural powers, a ghost.. etc. Do you think you would react much like she does if put in the same weird situation? 

  • Chloë: I would argue that Cassie and Mia (from If I Stay) are the most "normal". I don't like to use the word "normal" much because I don't believe in normal, normal is whatever you want your life to be. But yes I do think if I had to fight to the death for my family I absolutely would.

Cassie can't believe the destructionCassie can't believe the destruction

Kidzworld: I agree on the "normal" thing. I meant you've played a lot of characters who are supernatural or not "everyday".  What was your first impression of Alex Roe? Did you two get to even have lunch or get to know each other at all before your first scene together? What WAS your first scene together? 

  • Chloë: We did get to hang out! We cast him about 3 months before production so we hung out in LA after I met him for the first time at his screen test. We went to lunch and had him over to the house. Our first scene together was us walking down that long road talking.

Cassie wonders if Evan is friend or foeCassie wonders if Evan is friend or foe.

Kidzworld: That's great. So much better than just "Hi, nice to meet you. Now let's make out on camera".  Had you read the book first or later? Were you a fan of young adult fiction.. like Twilght or Divergent? 

  • Chloë: I read the book in the summer of 2013 when Sony sent it to me to read. They had told me they had just bought it and it would be one of their next big projects. I read it immediately and loved it and knew I wanted to play Cassie.  I hadn't read "Twilight" because I was very young when it came out, but I did read the first "Divergent".

Cassie and Ben at a party before alien attacksCassie and Ben at a party before alien attacks

Kidzworld: Are you an actress who likes to listen to music before doing a scene? If so, what do you listen to? 

  • Chloë: I do! I do a lot of music therapy before certain scenes. It really depends on the scene, I usually do it for emotional moments, so I will use someone like Sia.

Cassie is scared and aloneCassie is scared and alone

Kidzworld: Very cool!  Any goofy flub ups on set that were really funny? 

  • Chloë: Hmmmm.... In the big fight scene with me and Reznick, I had a knee brace on because I had fallen earlier outside the studio. So for the entire fight scene I was really unable to do much, but in the scene you can't really notice.

Kidzworld:  Ouch! That would be pretty funny if we had seen the brace though. Are you looking forward to playing a mermaid?  Maybe talk to Daryl Hannah who played one in “Splash” way back in the 1980’s. 

  • Chloë: I am sooooooo excited for that film, We start in a couple months. Haha I definitely should consult my fellow mermaid.

Cassie grows to care for EvanCassie grows to care for Evan

Kidzworld: Anything you would like to say to teens as to why they'll really enjoy the film? 

  • Chloë: I think this film gives us a bit of darkness that we love in any good journey, there's a light at the end of that tunnel and that is what real life is like. We don't sugar coat this story and I love this. Anyone who has a family or friends that they love can understand fighting for their life.

The 5th Wave is in theaters this Friday, January 22nd!

The 5th Wave PosterThe 5th Wave PosterCourtesy of Sony Pictures

The 5th Wave Trailer


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