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Amazing Technology to Watch Out For!

Jan 27, 2016

These days, new innovations in technology seem to happen faster than anyone can possibly keep track of. Here's a little idea, though, of what kinds of technology may be entering our lives over the next year or so! 

Turning Air Into Water

  • An Austrian designer, Kristof Retezar, has invented a water bottle that can take the humidity from the air and convert it into safely drinkable water. This could be a groundbreaking invention for countries that have high humidity but little groundwater. 
  • The device, called Fontus, is solar-powered and basically works by creating and collecting condensation. It can take a while for this creation, which can be attached to a bicycle, to gather water, but it's certainly worth it!
  • One concern about the invention as it is now is that, depending on the quality of air, the collected water may end up being polluted. 
  • If all goes well, the Fontus is expected to be available to buy sometime in 2016. 

This self-filling water bottle is so cool. This self-filling water bottle is so cool. Courtesy of Kristof Retezar

Self-Drying Jacket

  • Ever get caught outside during an unexpected rain shower and had to wear your soaked clothes for the rest of the day? Well, a company by the name of Falyon Wearable Tech has been working to come up with a solution: a jacket that dries itself, from the inside out, in mere minutes. 
  • The jacket works by circulating, with the help of a rechargeable battery, high pressure air. The jacket also features vents that release the circulating air, which are conveniently located to help dry your neck, hair, and face. 
  • Inventors say that the biggest challenge in creating this jacket (which, incidentally, was inspired by Back to the Future) was keeping the design technologically powerful but not too bulky. 
  • Falyon Wearable Tech is still gathering funding, but hopes to be able to start shipping jackets out in spring of this year. 

This sporty jacket dries itself in just a minute or two!This sporty jacket dries itself in just a minute or two!Courtesy of Falyon Wearable Tech

Wearable Keyboard

  • Over the past several years, researchers have been working towards creating wearable technology that could drastically change how human beings interact with the devices in their lives. 
  • The latest buzz has been surrounding the wearable keyboard, which would essentially be made from electronics that have been knitted together like fabric. 
  • Scientists foresee this technology being relevant not just to clothing, but also possibly being put in to use on furniture or even wallpaper. 
  • It might be a while before this amazing technology becomes available, but researchers have suggested that it may hit the market within the next five years or so. 

It's hard to imagine wearing a keyboard like this!It's hard to imagine wearing a keyboard like this!Courtesy of omgchrome.com

Got your technology fix yet? This is just a little peek into the types of things that are going to become available in the not-so-distant future! 

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