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Fun Ways to Get Fit

Feb 01, 2016

Eating healthy and exercising to get your body fit can feel like a lot of work. In fact, sometimes it can feel like so much work that you might not even want to try! Have no fear, though - there are some fun ways to get your body healthy.

Skip the Gym

  • You might think that going to a gym and working out on exercise equipment is the only or the best way to get fit, but that's just not so. There are loads of things you can do outside of the confines of the gym to keep yourself healthy! 
  • Get some friends together and go for a hike! You can make some lemonade, pack a picnic lunch, and make a day of it! And don't forget your camera - you'll want to capture all the fun you're having. 
  • Think a hike might be a bit challenging for you? Take a walk on the beach or in a park. Extra points if you take your whole walk on the sand; it provides some resistance and will give you a better workout

A hike can lead you to some beautiful vistas.A hike can lead you to some beautiful vistas.Courtesy of randomvacay.com


  • Dancing is one of the very best forms of exercise. It works a lot of different muscles, and there are endless varieties of dance to keep you entertained. 
  • Some people avoid dancing because they may not have a partner to go to a dance class with. There are loads of types of dances you can do solo! Maybe you should go out on a limb and try hip-hop dancing or tap dancing - you can do both of those on your own. 
  • Don't feel like taking a dance class? You don't need to! Put on some music and have an impromptu dance party by yourself in your room, with your friends in the halls at school, or even with your family in the living room! 

Take a dance break with your family!Take a dance break with your family!Courtesy of Corbis

Exercise Fun Facts

  • Regular exercise can actually create new brain cells and improve brain power! In particular, exercise is thought to improve memory. 
  • Exercise can help to relieve stress, and can release happy-making hormones into your body. Both of these things can contribute to your general feeling of self-confidence, which, as you know, can have a positive effect on all parts of your life, from relationships to school performance. 
  • Some studies have shown that teens who exercise regularly (30 minutes three times a week) may be at less risk of developing certain types of cancers. 

Self-confidence can make you feel happier in your life!Self-confidence can make you feel happier in your life!Courtesy of thewmparentingconnection.com

There are lots of great reasons to get exercise and keep your body and brain healthy. Keep in mind that increasing your regular movement doesn't mean that you have to go to extremes by running to the gym seven days a week - there are fun and easy ways to introduce more exercise into your life. 

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