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Unravel Video Game Review

Reviewed by on Feb 08, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Unravel, from creator Martin Sahlin and the team at Coldwood Interactive is a beautiful, engaging puzzle platformer you need to play for yourself. Watch Kidzworlds video review right here!

Unravel Game Review


Unravel was one of the best surprises at EA's E3 media briefing in 2015 and I am very pleased to say that it has lived up to the promise of that original reveal. Creator Martin Sahlin and the team at Coldwood Interactive have delivered a moving, heartfelt platformer that will leave you reflecting on your own relationships with family and friends long after the credits.

A very personal story is being told in Unravel that I will let you experience fresh on your own. I won't spoil it here. What I will say though, is that you will be hit with the feels.

Yarny is one of the most endearing characters I have ever had the pleasure of playing as and his apparent connection to a real person and family only amplifies this. You will care about your little bundle of yarn way more than you may expect.

Yarny tries to catch a butterfly.Yarny tries to catch a butterfly.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

Bundles Of Great Gameplay

A moving story aside, it wouldn't mean much if the gameplay was a mess, but luckily for us all Unravel plays wonderfully, with precise controls and a move-set which opens up all kinds of navigational puzzles. Use Yarny's strands of wool as a whip to swing across gaps like Indian Jones, or reach higher areas by tying knots between two objects, creating a springy bridge to launch yourself into the air.

Use apples to cross deep water.Use apples to cross deep water.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

You have to manage your yarn as well. With each step, Yarny unravels; his wool can't stretch forever. You may find yourself without enough yarn to reach the next goal. In these instances, backtracking a few steps and releasing unneeded knots usually solves the problem.

Yarny can also grab objects around the world such as cans, apples and clams which all play a part in solving the puzzles.

Yarny is not a good swimmer so keep him dry!Yarny is not a good swimmer so keep him dry!Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

As you progress through Unravel's 11 levels - all of which are great - the puzzles increase in difficulty but are accessible enough for players of all skill levels, only asking that you be observant of your surroundings.

Each level offers it's own set of challenges as the seasons change. Figuring out how to distract crabs in the summer, avoid crows in the fall and survive the harsh snow storms of winter without being blown away is always a rewarding experience.

Unravel has a moving story that may make you tear up a little.Unravel has a moving story that may make you tear up a little.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

Nature's Beauty

Unravel is absolutely gorgeous as well. The attention to detail in every level is astounding and you'll want to stand still for a while just to soak it all in. Unravel's visuals are wonderfully dense with nature and a few encounters with larger creatures really bring the world to life and remind you just how small and fragile Yarny is.

Gophers aren't the only threat Yarny faces.Gophers aren't the only threat Yarny faces.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

My first playthrough took around 6 hours but that completion time will vary depending on how quickly you solve the puzzles. Each level also contains 5 collectible buttons hidden throughout, which add replayability. 

With the environments being such a joy to play around in, you will definitely find yourself replaying levels, searching each nook and cranny for every secret.

Unravel is absolutely gorgeous.Unravel is absolutely gorgeous.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive

Final Thoughts

Unravel is one of those rare games you know is special from the moment you begin playing. It feels deeply personal, yet contains a message everyone can appreciate and take to heart. The gameplay is always engaging and the visuals are beautiful. With that said, I can't recommend it enough. Unravel won't disappoint.

Unravel is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.Unravel is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.Courtesy of Coldwood Interactive


  • Great gameplay
  • Smart puzzles
  • Beautiful Visuals
  • Heartfelt story


  • N/A

Unravel Game Rating:5

Unravel is available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $19.99

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