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National Parks Adventure Movie Review

Reviewed by on Feb 11, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Did you know that the U.S. National Parks System has over 400 parks for you to visit? In the IMAX film National Parks Adventure, you’ll see many of them in huge format. Check out Kidzworld’s review.

Yosemite National ParkYosemite National ParkCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

By: Lynn Barker

In National Parks Adventure, a gorgeous IMAX trip to many of the amazing locales in the U.S. National Parks System, you will go on a road trip with hiker/climber/explorer Conrad Anker and his young friends Max Lowe and Rachel Pohl. These adventurers climb up frozen waterfalls, ride mountain bikes over amazing rounded cliffs and generally have a blast! You can too.

Max, Rachel and Conrad Max, Rachel and Conrad Courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Teddy and John

How did National Parks start in the U.S.? We learn that 100 years ago, after a short visit to Yosemite with naturalist and writer John Muir, President Theodore Roosevelt was inspired by his amazing outdoor surroundings and, with Muir by his side, started protecting wild places from future development and destruction by creating the National Park Service. Yay, Teddy!

John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt in YosemiteJohn Muir and Teddy Roosevelt in YosemiteCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Spring Breaker Road Trip!

Each year, climber/adventurer Conrad Anker takes his young pals Max Lowe and Rachel Pohl on a road trip to various natural wonders in the USA. We learn that Max’s dad was a good pal of Conrad’s and he passed away during a climbing accident in the Himalayas. Now, Conrad takes his son and friend on amazing outdoor adventures. These people are super high level hiker/climber/bikers.

Impossible rock climbing in UtahImpossible rock climbing in UtahCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

From the Grand Canyon to Devil’s Tower

Accompanied by great aerial photography, ground-level cameras and outstanding sound, we travel with the trio to crystal lakes and clear deserts. From Yellowstone’s Old Faithful geyser to Grand Canyon rafting, to climbing the volcanic plug that is Devil’s Tower in Wyoming (used in the famous Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie), visiting cute prairie dogs, Glacier National Park and preserved redwoods that used to be chopped down 100 years ago to the Statue of Liberty, the Everglades in Florida, volcanic parks in Hawaii and the weathered, red spires of Bryce Canyon in Utah, there is nothing like the great outdoors!

Climbing Devil's TowerClimbing Devil's TowerCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Geyser erupts in Yellowstone ParkGeyser erupts in Yellowstone ParkCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Robert Redford Narrates

Great actor and environmentalist Robert Redford tells us that he lives in Utah because of the 13 great national parks there. Nothing like appreciating the sights and sounds of nature. The three travelers get on mountain bikes and ride like crazy over rounded rocks in Utah. Exciting!

Robert Redford narratesRobert Redford narratesCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Wild mountain biking in UtahWild mountain biking in UtahCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Frozen Waterfall Climbing

The trio camps at the base of a giant frozen waterfall at the edge of Lake Superior in Michigan and start ice climbing up it! Conrad makes it to the top but Rachael’s fingers freeze and she has to go back down. Underneath the waterfall is a giant ice cave with sharp icicles above. Gorgeous!

Climbing the icy waterfall Climbing the icy waterfall Courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

Camping by the waterfall Camping by the waterfall Courtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

National Parks Adventure Trailer


Wrapping Up

Wow! This movie is awe-inspiring and makes you wanna grab your besties and hit the road to any of the great National Parks in the U.S.(there are cool parks in Canada too!). Robert Redford makes a great narrator. You can tell he cares about the subject matter.

Devil's Tower in WyomingDevil's Tower in WyomingCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

The movie will also make you want to do all you can as you grow up, to make sure these parks stay protected and wild. The film encourages you and your family to visit as many parks as possible and don’t leave waste and litter behind.

Rachel sketchingRachel sketchingCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

National Parks Adventure manages to tell you a bit about the formation of the park system etc. without being a dry history lesson. It is only 43 minutes long so you just can’t get bored. The giant IMAX format is just breath-taking and the filmmakers use great angles to capture every cool detail and sound in over 30 parks (hey, they couldn’t go to all 400!). Got problems in your life? Check out the healing power of nature. Go see this beautiful film and then visit national parks near you! We go a whopping 5 stars!

National Parks Adventure Movie Rating: 5

National Parks Adventure PosterNational Parks Adventure PosterCourtesy of MacGillivray Freeman Films

National Parks Adventure is on IMAX and large format screens everywhere Friday, Feb. 12th

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