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Spring 2016 Hair Trends

Feb 22, 2016

Getting a little tired of your current look? Spring is a perfect time to spice things up by exploring new trends in clothing and hair. Think about rejuvenating your personal style by trying out one of these hot looks! 

Natural Texture

  • Women of all ages spend countless hours using straighteners, curling irons, and blow driers, not to mention all the products that go with them. How long has it been since you've seen your hair washed and dried naturally? 
  • Lucky for all of us, natural texture in making a comeback this spring. Let your curls fall loose and free! Do you have wavy hair? Don't even try to tame it. 
  • Maybe the fashion world is finally coming around to a way of life where we celebrate our individuality through how we present ourselves, rather than where we try to change our natural selves to meet a certain trend! 

YaYa DaCosta showcases her natural curls. YaYa DaCosta showcases her natural curls. Courtesy of keyconversationsradio.com


  • You can have a lot of fun with your hair, even if you decide to take a break from the styling tools. Accessories of all kinds are in for the spring season, so you can pick and choose what kinds of add-ons you think might work for you!
  • If you feel that your personal style is a bit more feminine, you can try adding a jeweled bow, a tiara pin, or a blinged out comb to your locks. Is your style a bit more edgy? There are lots of interesting metallic extras available too! 
  • Get your friends together and go shopping for some new accessories! That way, you can always share your favorites later. 

Rihanna takes hair accessories to a whole new level!Rihanna takes hair accessories to a whole new level!Courtesy of hij.co.uk


  • Bangs are always popular, but this spring they are more versatile than ever. This year, wear your bangs any way you want! You can try a thick fringe across your forehead, a sideswept style, or even wispy bangs if you prefer. 
  • Bangs can be a lot of work - they require a lot of visits to the hair salon for upkeep, and you may need to break out your tools and sprays again in order to keep them in line. Not sure you're ready for that kind of commitment? Try pinning your hair to create a faux bang, or even try on a wig to see if you like the style! 

Kendall Jenner rocks her bangs!Kendall Jenner rocks her bangs!Courtesy of starwipe.com

Now that you've heard some of our spring style tips, maybe you've found some inspiration for trying out a new look. Like your current look? No pressure! Only make a change if you feel like it's what you're really looking for. 

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