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Zootopia Movie Review

Reviewed by on Mar 03, 2016
Rating: 5 Star Rating

Kidzworld checked out Disney’s Zootopia. Is it as cute and funny as the trailers you may have seen? Read our review.

By: Lynn Barker

In Zootopia, a teen’s parents expect her to join the family business but she has bigger plans for her life. Should she hit the big city and become a police officer? Why not? Well, this young woman is a bunny and, in a world where predator and prey animals live together peacefully, there has never been a bunny cop. Should that stop Judy Hopps?

Nick meets meter maid JudyNick meets meter maid JudyCourtesy of Disney

Big City Dreams

Judy Hopps (voice of Ginnifer Goodwin) is a hopeful bunny from Bunyburrow who wants to be a police officer in big city Zootopia. Her parents worry about her oversized dreams but Judy goes to the city and passes her tough training ending up first in her academy class. Finally, she is a rookie officer at ZPD but there has never been a rabbit officer so police chief Bogo (Idris Elba) makes her a meter maid giving out parking tickets. Judy vows to be the best meter maid ever!

Officer Judy HoppsOfficer Judy HoppsCourtesy of Disney

Foxy Nick WildeFoxy Nick WildeCourtesy of Disney

Bring on the Fox

Con artist fox Nick Wilde (voice of Jason Bateman) tricks Judy and makes her feel useless. She is able to chase and catch Duke Weaselton (Alan Tudyk) who has stolen some weird plant bulbs but Bogo is angry at her for overstepping her assignment bounds. When a Mrs. Otterton (Octavia Spencer) desperately wants police to find her missing husband, Judy agrees but Bogo wants her to resign in 48 hours if she doesn’t find him despite the fact that she is supported by Deputy Mayor Dawn Bellweather (Jenny Slate).

Mrs. OttertonMrs. OttertonCourtesy of Disney

Enlisting Nick

Judy threatens to turn Nick in for tax evasion so he helps her investigate and they track Otterton to the limo of a crime boss named Mr. Big who catches them in his car and nearly kills them but his daughter Fru Fru, whom Judy helped earlier, prevents him. Together, Nick and Judy discover that many predator animals are “going savage” and attacking others. The duo continues their investigation having many adventures along the way. Nick and Judy develop a mutual friendship and respect.  

Flash the sloth at the DMVFlash the sloth at the DMVCourtesy of Disney

Ten Hours Left

With time running out on the 48 hours, Judy and Nick discover a hidden lab where all the missing prey animals that have gone savage are kept. Mayor Lionheart of Zootopia (J.K. Simmons) says he was working with a doctor to find out why they have turned savage. When the news hits town, all the prey animals are suspicious and terrified of their neighbor predator critters. Will they turn and kill?  Nick wonders if Judy also thinks he is an evil predator who will harm her. This breaks up their friendship.

Mayor LionheartMayor LionheartCourtesy of Disney


Judy’s press conference on predators vs. prey stirs up the whole town. She feels horrible and resigns but returns when a final clue to who is really responsible and how they are turning predators back to their savage roots, surfaces. Judy and Nick make up and together, nail the real culprit. Will Nick stick at Judy’s side? 

Assistant Mayor BellwetherAssistant Mayor BellwetherCourtesy of Disney

Zootopia Trailer


Wrapping Up

Zootopia is one of the best animated films out in a long time! It is clever, has an amazing mystery plot, beautiful animation, tons of cute jokes that kids, teens and adults all can enjoy. This movie looks great in 3-D as well.

Desk Officer ClawhouserDesk Officer ClawhouserCourtesy of Disney

Characters are well-developed and just as adorable, beautiful or silly as they can be. I especially loved a chubby cheetah police officer who sits at the front desk at the station stuffing donuts (yes, a stereotype of the donut-munching cop but adorable). You have no doubt seen the sloths who run the Dept. of Motor Vehicles…at snail’s pace in trailers for the film and when I saw Mr. Big, the crime boss whose voice is a higher-pitched duplicate of Marlon Brando’s in The Godfather, I nearly fell off my seat laughing.

Chief BogoChief BogoCourtesy of Disney

Voice actors are all excellent in their roles. I especially loved Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps. She just nails every emotion beautifully! Songstress Shakira is fun as pop music star Gazelle as well.

Pop singer GazellePop singer GazelleCourtesy of Disney

As usual, Disney researches the heck out of everything they animate and every animal, large or teeny is detailed and drawn to perfection…cute features made cuter, sleek or bulky ones drawn true but loveable.

The message we are to take away this time is one of tolerance and understanding for differences in our fellow man…or animal and also that if you have a goal in life, stick to it and try your hardest despite obstacles thrown your way.

We were so entertained by Zootopia that we go five stars!

Zootopia Movie Rating:5

Zootopia PosterZootopia Poster

Zootopia is in theaters now!


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