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Batman Unlimited - Watch The Video Series Here!

Mar 08, 2016

Ever wondered who would do better in a training simulator between Batman and Green Arrow? How about who would win a foot race between The Flash and Cheetah? Wonder no more! Kidzworld has got the Batman Unlimited video series from DC Comics and WB Animation for you to find out.

There are 20 episodes included in the video series below. So make sure to watch them all!

Batman Unlimited Video Series


Solomon Grundy is a tough foe for Batman.Solomon Grundy is a tough foe for Batman.Courtesy of WB Animation

Cheetah taunts The Flash in an episode of Batman Unlimited.Cheetah taunts The Flash in an episode of Batman Unlimited.Courtesy of WB Animation

If you enjoyed the Batman Unlimited series. Check out the DC Super Friends animated series to see members of the Justice League take on some of the most twisted of villains including the Joker, Two-Face and The Riddler!

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