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Fun Poetry Projects

Apr 01, 2017

Feeling creative but having trouble figuring out how to express yourself? You might just be lacking some inspiration; these cool poetry projects could be just the thing you need to kick-start your creative energy! 

Try your hand at poetry with these cool projects!Try your hand at poetry with these cool projects!Courtesy of smallbluedog.com

Random Word Poem

  • There are a few ways you can make this kind of poem. You could either write a selection of words on cut-up bits of paper, or you could cut out words from magazines or newspapers to use. 
  • Once you have cut out words, you can try putting them all in a hat and randomly choosing particular words to use in your poem, or you can spread them out on a surface for you to choose as needed. 
  • Using random cut-out words to create a poem may sound restrictive, but actually it can be really freeing. When you don't feel like you are responsible for writing the perfect word, you will be forced to use what you have in order to express yourself. It's the same idea as when you use magnetic poetry to craft a poem. 
  • You can present your poem in a few different ways. You could either write out your work as you choose words, or you could glue words on to a piece of paper as you write. 

Magazine cut-outs can make some pretty cool poetry!Magazine cut-outs can make some pretty cool poetry!Courtesy of teachmag.com

Name Poem

  • This is a type of acrostic poem, and could be a fun idea just for you, or to write one someone else's name and give it to them as a gift. 
  • You can write a name poem by taking the first letters of your name, either first or last, and writing a word or phrase that starts with each letter. For example, you might use the letter R from the name Rory to start the word rambunctious, or the phrase "relaxed and easygoing." 
  • The name poem is a great platform for an art project. You could use any size of paper, along with art materials like paint, pastels, construction paper, sharpies, markers, or pencil crayons. The options are limitless! 

This is just one creative way to present an acrostic name poem. This is just one creative way to present an acrostic name poem. Courtesy of thedogatemylessonplan.tumblr.com

Shape Poem

  • Another interesting way to write a poem is to write it in the form of a particular shape. This is also known as a concrete poem. 
  • The first thing you'll need to do is come up with an inspiring object to use as the basis for your poem. It could be anything, from a snowman to a toothbrush: whatever you're interested in! 
  • Then you'll want to use pencil draw an outline of the shape on a piece of paper. Once you have written your poem normally, you'll need to work on fitting the words on to the line of the shape. Once you like what you've done, you can trace your writing in pen, then erase the pencil underneath, and voila! You'll have a poem written in the shape of a particular object. 

Your poetry can take any shape!Your poetry can take any shape!Courtesy of poetry4kids.com

We hope you've found yourself inspired by some of these poetry ideas! They're all fun ways to express your creativity through writing and, potentially, through art as well. 

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