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Color Yourself Calm

Mar 25, 2016

Everyone feels stressed out sometimes - it's totally normal. We all deal with stress in different ways, but if you're looking for a new method, you might want to think about trying coloring! 

Feeling stressed because of school? You're not alone!Feeling stressed because of school? You're not alone!Courtesy of shanghaimamas.org

Super Stressed

  • Stress is a big part of all of our lives, whether you are a child, a teenager, or an adult. It feels like there's always something to get stressed about: friendship, grades at school, or family relationships can all cause anxiety from time to time. 
  • These days, it seems like there is more and more stress in our lives. Some have speculated that our constant connectivity to the internet and social media may be partly to blame; because we are always expected to be available via email or Facebook, we feel we always have to be on the alert and never give ourselves a break. 
  • There are lots of ways to handle stress. Some people like to go for a walk, cook a meal, or garden. Really, anything that allows you a bit of escape can help relieve your stress. One of the very best ways to find some serenity is to meditate, and there's a new trend in meditation that a lot of people have been trying - coloring!

Some people find gardening reduces stress. Some people find gardening reduces stress. Courtesy of nwei.org

Why Coloring Helps

  • Coloring has only recently really taken off in the public eye as a tool for dealing with stress, but actually people have been doing it for years in order to find a sense of calm. In fact, there is a long history of therapists recommended coloring to their patients as a means to allow that patient to focus and let go of stress and distractions. 
  • Coloring is repetitive, and it requires a certain amount of focus in order to complete. Many people have trouble with traditional meditation because it can be difficult to let go, but coloring can put you in a near trance-like state and make it very easy to leave your worries behind for a bit. 
  • Experimenting with coloring can really be helpful for all ages. It's not just for little kids anymore, so don't feel embarrassed about starting it up again!

Coloring can really help you chill out. Coloring can really help you chill out. Courtesy of nbcnews.com

What to Color

  • There are always classic children's coloring books out there that you can work on, but these days there's a really wide variety of coloring book options if you're looking for something a little different. 
  • It's thought that coloring geometric patterns and intricate designs can be especially soothing when it comes to meditation and focus. The more complex nature of specific patterns and varied designs may be more likely to induce a meditative state than simpler pictures. 
  • It's very common for kids and adults alike to practice meditation by coloring mandalas. A mandala is a circular geometric design symbolizing infinity, the universe, and completeness. It's a vital part of Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, and this spiritual aspect may make coloring a mandala even more healing for some people. 

Coloring the geometric designs of a mandala can be surprisingly calming. Coloring the geometric designs of a mandala can be surprisingly calming. Courtesy of coloringpagesfun.com

Now that you've learned all about the power of coloring, go ahead and give it a shot! It may just help you leave some of your stress behind! 

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