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Hyrule Warriors Legends Nintendo 3DS Game Review

Reviewed by on Mar 24, 2016
Rating: 3 Star Rating

Hyrule Warriors Legends runs well enough on New 3DS but isnt as enjoyable on the original 3DS and 2DS. Check out Kidzworlds review right here.

Hyrule Warriors Legends is the portable version of Hyrule Warriors which was released for the Wii U in 2014 and I am disappointed to say it is not a great port.

While the core gameplay is in tack and there are actually some pretty cool additions to the portable version. Performance issues hinder the experience. The New 3DS can handle the game well enough but the original 3DS and 2DS aren't quite up to the task, going so far as to have the the 3D effect disabled on the older models. This review will be covering the changes to the port. You can read Kidzworld's full review of the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors right here.

Hyrule Warriors Legends: Skull Kid Trailer


Appreciated Additions

What's new to the portable version of Hyrule Warriors and really appreciated is the ability to quick swap characters during battle on the fly. Fighting it out as Link on one side of the battlefield but Shiek is calling for help on the other side? Simply tap Shiek's icon on the lower 3DS screen and you'll instantly be playing as her. Not only that, but you can then order Link (or other playable characters) to come to your location or another with a few quick taps through the menu screen. This comes in very handy later in the game as the battles become more hectic, essentially allowing you to be in multiple places at once without breaking the flow of combat.

Another positive is the wealth of characters available to play as. Hyrule Warriors Legends features five brand new characters; Linkle (a female version of Link), Toon Link (From The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker), Tetra, Skull Kid and King Daphnes. Each of these characters offer their own unique moves and feel quite different from each other in the heat of battle. On top of the new characters, all the previous DLC characters from the home console version are present as well. This brings the total playable character count up to a whopping 24.

Linkle, the female version of Link is a playable character.Linkle, the female version of Link is a playable character.Courtesy of Nintendo

Poor Performance & Visuals

But for the all great additions, it's impossible to look past the technical short comings. Even on the New 3DS there are blurry textures and menus and the frame rate takes a noticeable hit when you switch on the 3D mode. The pop-in is quite annoying as well. You will see rows of enemies appear right in front of you out of nowhere making it a jarring experience. Effects like explosions and crumbling walls are also less than satisfying. All that said, there is still fun to be had as you hack and slash through hundreds of enemies.

If you are playing Hyrule Warriors Legends on an original Nintendo 3DS or 2DS though, the story is slightly different. Simply put, the original 3DS and 2DS aren't quite up to the task. The frame rate can be pretty rough at times but certainly not unplayable. The 3D mode has also been completely disabled on the original 3DS and 2DS as to not hurt the games performance even more.

The visuals look decent in the offical screenshots, but aren't as impressive in action.The visuals look decent in the offical screenshots, but aren't as impressive in action.Courtesy of Nintendo

Bonus Content

A just okay port aside, Hyrule Warriors Legends does come with two nice bonus codes. One code allows you to download a nifty Hyrule Warriors Legends home menu theme for your 3DS and the second code allows you to transfer the five new characters over to the Wii U version of Hyrule Warriors (If you own that version as well, of course).

Link about to unleash a powerful sword slash.Link about to unleash a powerful sword slash.Courtesy of Nintendo

Final Thoughts

While definitely not a pretty game Hyrule Warriors Legends on the NEW 3DS can still be an enjoyable experience if you can overlook some of the technical issues. It's a little harder to recommend the game to owners of the original 3DS or 2DS though.

Hyrule Warrios Legends is best played on the New 3DS.Hyrule Warrios Legends is best played on the New 3DS.Courtesy of Nintendo


  • Some great fan service
  • Quick swapping characters


  • Frame rate issues
  • Mediocre graphics
  • Original 3DS & 2DS has 3D effect disabled

Hyrule Warriors Legends Game Rating:3

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