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The Best Music for Studying

Sep 03, 2016

There are many arguments out there for and against listening to music while studying. Some people find music helps them focus, while others find music distracts them from the task at hand. 

So many things to learn, so little time!So many things to learn, so little time!Courtesy of mathsolypiads.org

Should I Listen to Music While Studying? 

  • The truth is, there's no simple answer to this question. Studies have shown that listening to music negatively affected test scores, but other studies have shown a positive effect. In reality, every person's studying needs are different. 
  • Music is undoubtedly distracting for some, particularly if it is very high energy. Listening to music that is fun and exciting is great when you want to have a dance party, but it may make you feel restless when you need to settle down and study. 
  • A few scientists have argued that listening to your favorite music before studying, or during a study break, can amp you up and get your brain ready to study, though, even if you don't find it helpful to listen to tunes while actually doing your homework. Treat yourself to a sing- or dance-along when you need to recharge your studying batteries! 

Music might really brighten up your study time!Music might really brighten up your study time!Courtesy of fastweb.com

What's the Best Music to Study to?

  • The idea that listening to classical music can improve your brain function has long been a trend in how we think about the effects of music on our studying abilities. However, there is little evidence to back up the power of classical music. 
  • Despite the lack of scientific evidence, classical music does have the benefit of being without lyrics (which may make it less distracting to listen to). Many people also find classical music relaxing to listen to, which may put you in a better brain-space for studying effectively. 
  • There are some experts who argue that listening to your favorite music, the melodies that really speak to you, may stimulate your brain in such a way as to allow for efficient studying habits. If classical music puts you to sleep but listening to Lady Gaga makes you feel happy and productive, maybe listening to Lady Gaga is what is right for you. 

What type of music helps you study is really up to you. What type of music helps you study is really up to you. Courtesy of racetams.net

Different Types of Sound

  • Maybe listening to music isn't for you, but you find silence a little distracting in itself. Perhaps it's time to give listening to a different type of sound a try! 
  • Many people have found it beneficial to listen to nature sounds when studying or trying to find some peacefulness. In particular, sounds like rain falling, whales calling, and wind whistling through trees can help to relax and increase focus. There are plenty of apps, websites, and streaming options for finding nature sounds - people love them!
  • White noise has also been shown to be helpful when it comes to focusing attention on something. White noise is kind of a steady noise through which all the frequencies of the sound are of equal intensity. Think, for example, of a fan turned on and going continuously at the same speed. A running vacuum cleaner can also produce the same sound. 
  • White noise may be helpful in keeping out distracting sounds, like voices and unwanted music. This could be super helpful during studying...just don't let yourself fall asleep!

Nature sounds or white noise may be the key to your successful studying. Nature sounds or white noise may be the key to your successful studying. Courtesy of 1000awesomethings.com

Now that you've got some information on how listening to music to studying may affect your brain, you'll be able to experiment with what kind of noise, if any, may be helpful to you when you're studying. Happy learning! 

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