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New Couple Alert: Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

Jun 28, 2016

Have you heard the hot celeb gossip? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have called it quits - and she's moved on to UK hottie Tom Hiddleston!

Tom and Taylor have been nearly inseparable for the last two weeks, and nothing says romance like kissing in Rome! They've been spotted all around the famous Italian city, holding hands, seeing the sights and of course locking lips. They're even starting to dress alike - check out those matching outfits!

Tom and Taylor get romantic in Rome!Tom and Taylor get romantic in Rome!

Rumor has it, the new lovebirds have already gone together to each other's hometowns, and there's even talk of Taylor already saying she's in love - but before you get to excited, remember Taylor falls in and out of love pretty often! Could it be real this time?

Taylor has already met Tom's mother - seen here arm-in-armTaylor has already met Tom's mother - seen here arm-in-arm

** September 2016 Update - #HiddleSwift has broken up and ended their summer romance. 

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