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The Legend of Tarzan Movie Review

Reviewed by on Jul 01, 2016
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Checkout Kidzworld’s movie review of The Legend of Tarzan. Is the Lord of the Apes still hot? Is this romantic adventure both exciting and date night material?

By: Lynn Barker

The Legend of Tarzan tells the familiar story of an orphan boy in the jungle raised by apes but he’s been living in London as Lord Greystoke for several years and is married to his beloved Jane. What could convince him to start swinging on those vines again?

Tarzan and Williams spot lions on the savannaTarzan and Williams spot lions on the savannahCourtesy of Warner Bros.


It is 1884 and we are told that King Leopold of Belgium has run out of money and is enslaving native peoples in the Congo in order to pay his mercenary army and get his hands on a motherlode of diamonds. Doing his dirty work is Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz) an evil dude who will stop at nothing to be famous and rich. Native chief Mbonga (Djimon Hounsou), who knows where the diamonds are, wants only one thing; to get his hands on Tarzan, now living in London as Lord Greystoke. Rom promises to deliver him.

Evil Rom searches for an escaped JaneEvil Rom searches for an escaped JaneCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Angry Chief MbongaAngry Chief MbongaCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Summon Greystoke

Lord Greystoke aka John Clayton was orphaned in the jungle as a baby and raised by apes. The locals there called him Tarzan but he’s been “civilized” for many years. He gets an invitation to go to the Congo on a diplomatic mission. He refuses but George Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) a U.S. emissary, convinces him that the people of his native African Congo need him. They are being enslaved. Tarzan agrees. His wife Jane is sad about recently losing a baby but insists on going with her husband. Daughter of a teacher, she also was raised in the Congo.

Williams has trouble keeping up with TarzanWilliams has trouble keeping up with TarzanCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Back Home

Walking across the savannah in Africa, Tarzan spots three lions and simply cuddles up to them. He knew them as cubs Jane explains to the astounded Williams. Tarzan, Jane and Williams ignore the invitation to meet Rom and instead reunite with a whole village where Jane grew up. They have many friends there. Tarzan learns more about slave abductions. In flashbacks, we see how Tarzan and Jane met and fell in love.

Before the trip back to AfricaBefore the trip back to AfricaCourtesy of Warner Bros.


Rom’s men come to the village, kill the chief and capture Tarzan, Jane and Williams. Tarzan escapes but Jane is taken prisoner on a steam ship. Tarzan learns who Rom is. Tarzan and Williams vow to save Jane and the villagers Rom has taken as slaves. On the way, Tarzan and Williams confront Mbonga and, with the help of Tarzan’s ape family, the two escape after we learn why Mbonga hates Tarzan so much. Feisty Jane holds her own on the ship against Rom but many mercenary soldiers are coming to the Congo in six days. Will Tarzan and friends be able to overpower Rom, get Jane back and stop the evil invaders? 

Sad Jane is a prisoner on the shipSad Jane is a prisoner on the shipCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Jane is reunited with members of the tribe she grew up withJane is reunited with members of the tribe she grew up withCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The Legend of Tarzan Trailer


Wrapping Up

Wooo, not too shabby. Alex Skarsgård as Tarzan is really fine in both physique and acting ability. There is enough chemistry between him and lady love Jane, played by pretty Margot Robbie, to make us believe he’d do anything to bring her back home. Sam Jackson provides comic relief as a repentant former mercenary turned U. S. government envoy determined to keep Tarzan/Lord Greystoke safe and also end a slave operation that is destroying the Congo. There is nobody as good at playing interesting baddies as Christoph Waltz and, let’s just say his character really deserves his final fate in the film.

Tarzan back in the villageTarzan back in the villageCourtesy of Warner Bros.

Most of the animal scenes, all CGI, are convincing but, to me, a lot of the movie looked washed out in color.. like an old sepia photograph. That look is not my cup of tea but probably intentional. There isn’t quite enough of Tarzan swinging through the trees for me and his famous “call” is only heard not seen…but that might have looked too cheesy. There is some pretty cool man vs. beast and man vs. man fight action as well as some really touching animal encounters.

Tarzan must fight his ape brotherTarzan must fight his ape brotherCourtesy of Warner Bros.

What matters to me is that The Legend of Tarzan has a very good heart as does its hero. Any film that promotes true romantic love along with love and respect for our fellow, mistreated man and the endangered animals on this Earth is just fine by me. We go four stars. 

The Legend of Tarzan Movie Rating:4

The Legend of Tarzan PosterThe Legend of Tarzan PosterCourtesy of Warner Bros.

The Legend of Tarzan is in theaters now!

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