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The Little Prince Movie Review

Reviewed by on Aug 05, 2016
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld saw the animated film based on the popular kids’ book The Little Prince. Does the movie do the book justice? Will newbies to the story love it? Check our movie review.

By: Lynn Barker

In The Little Prince, a Little Girl (voiced by Mackenzie Foy) is sadly living a very controlled life according to a “life plan” that her mom has worked out for her. No time for play or a sense of wonder about anything.  Good thing they moved because the Aviator (Jeff Bridges), an old man next door, is about to give her the stars, a great adventure and more!

Little Girl and Aviator relax and chatLittle Girl and Aviator relax and chatCourtesy of Netflix

The Life Plan

Determined that her Little Girl be admitted to a prestigious academy to study, Mom (Rachel McAdams) wants her to spend her whole summer studying to pass the entrance exam according to a “life plan” that maps out her entire life! No time for summer fun. When mom and daughter move, Little Girl is distracted by weird noises etc. from the rundown house next door. Her neighbor, a retired pilot called The Aviator, slowly introduces her to the amazing story of The Little Prince (voiced as a child by Riley Osborne, later by Paul Rudd).

Little Girl spends summer days studyingLittle Girl spends summer days studyingCourtesy of Netflix

The Little Prince

This Little Prince lives on a tiny asteroid that is covered with vegetation. There he loves a beautiful rose that he is trying to save. When The Aviator crash lands in the Sahara desert, he encounters the traveling prince who asks Aviator to “draw me a sheep”…which he hopes will eat the plants. Aviator doesn’t know how to draw so he draws a box with holes and says there is a sheep inside. Prince is okay with this.

Little Prince looks at Aviator's drawing of a sheepLittle Prince looks at Aviator's drawing of a sheepCourtesy of Netflix

The Story

The Aviator and Little Girl play and adventure together secretly as they continue to read the story. A wild Fox that the prince befriended tells him that he must say goodbye but that he and the prince will always be in each other’s hearts. Having taken and loved a cute stuffed toy version of the fox, Little Girl hates the ending of this part of the story, especially when Aviator tells her that he too must leave soon to be re-united with Little Prince.

Little Girl, with toy Fox, begins to dreamLittle Girl, with toy Fox, begins to dreamCourtesy of Netflix


Hoping to cheer her up by driving for free "birthday" pancakes, the Aviator is pulled over because he has no license and has traffic violations. Little Girl is taken back to mom by the police. This is the first mom has heard of the Aviator and that Little Girl spends study time with him. She tells her to stop seeing Aviator and return to her studies and “life plan”. But, she must hear more of the story so Little Girl learns that Little Prince sacrificed himself to a deadly snake bite to re-unite with his beloved rose. Aviator thinks he made it back to his planet. Now even more upset at the way the story is ending, Little Girl rejects seeing the Aviator anymore.

The Little Prince and his roseThe Little Prince and his roseCourtesy of Netflix

Illness and Adventure

As summer is ending, the Aviator gets sick and is taken to the hospital. To help cheer him, Little Girl takes her stuffed fox (which later comes to life) takes the Aviator’s plane and flies in search of Little Prince to an asteroid inhabited only by adults who work non-stop like her mom, for an evil businessman who is actually stealing stars from the sky for their power to run his city. There she meets “Mr. Prince”, actually Little Prince grown up and now working as a stressed-out janitor. The locals try to turn Little Girl into a workaholic just like they did the Little Prince when he came there as a child.

Little Girl and Mom do everything on scheduleLittle Girl and Mom do everything on scheduleCourtesy of Netflix


Will Mr. Prince remember who he really is? Will he and Little Girl escape this world of workaholics? Will the stars be released? Will the Little Prince get back to his rose and will he be reunited with the Aviator? Will Little Girl’s mom loosen up and spend quality time with her daughter?

Little Girl and Aviator read and wonderLittle Girl and Aviator read and wonderCourtesy of Netflix

Wrapping Up

The Little Prince is a delightful, hopeful film that imparts some great messages using wonderful CGI animation and also stop-motion. I never read the short book upon which it is based but I’m told Little Girl is added and that the basic story and morals of the book are still in the film. It stresses imagination, adventure and that “Only with the heart can one see rightly. What is essential (to a good life) is invisible to the eye”. Trade in your cold, predictable, overly-structured, workaholic life for a warm and fuzzy sense of wonder! It’s the little things that make life worthwhile and a grown-up should never leave them behind.

Little Girl upset that she can't see Aviator anymoreLittle Girl upset that she can't see Aviator anymoreCourtesy of Netflix

With a great message, great voice actors including James Franco, Benicio del Toro, Paul Rudd, Marion Cotillard, Paul Giamatti, Ricky Gervais, Albert Brooks and others, the story really comes to life. However, when the Little Girl goes on a crazy adventure to find the Prince, the movie becomes too much like a lot of other animated films; action-centered. Purists who love the little book might object but overall, the story is beautifully presented. We go four stars.

The Little Prince Movie Rating:4

The Little Prince Movie PosterThe Little Prince Movie PosterCourtesy of Netflix

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