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For the Love of Spock Movie Review

Reviewed by on Sep 07, 2016
Rating: 4 Star Rating

Kidzworld reviews For the Love of Spock, a loving documentary about Leonard Nimoy, who played Mr. Spock for so many years on Star Trek. Does Leonard’s son Adam give fans and newbies the real story?

By: Lynn Barker

In For the Love of Spock, we learn that tween Adam Nimoy’s life changed forever when his dad Leonard Nimoy took on the role of a pointy-eared Vulcan aboard the starship Enterprise. Gone was dad/son time, replaced by answering the tons of fan mail and getting mobbed on the street. It wasn’t until later in life that father and son really re-bonded.

Tween Adam in Spock earsTween Adam in Spock ears


We see how the death of actor Leonard Nimoy last year rocked the world. How could Mr. Spock be dead? President Obama said “I loved Spock!”. Less than a year before his death, Leonard and son Adam decided to create a documentary about Mr. Spock in honor of the classic TV show’s 50th Anniversary.

Young Adam Nimoy listens to dad's musicYoung Adam Nimoy listens to dad's music

Early Life

Leonard Nimoy, son of Russian Jewish immigrants, was born in Boston, Mass. Getting the acting bug, he took many small jobs to get enough money to come to Hollywood on a train at age 18. Wearing an overly-warm suit he sold vacuum cleaners on the streets of Pasadena and says “I must have looked like something off the boat from Transylvania!” Leonard continued odd jobs as he got guest roles on 1960’s T.V. shows and married Adam’s mom, an aspiring actress.

Young Adam helps clip dad's hairYoung Adam helps clip dad's hair

Enter Trek

After appearing in one of producer/writer Gene Roddenberry’s earlier T.V. series, Leonard was tapped to play Mr. Spock in the new “Star Trek” series as the only alien on the starship bridge. After several aborted attempts to get the show on the air, it was a hit in 1966. Modern “Trek” actors Karl Urban and Simon Pegg talk about the great trio that Spock/Kirk/Dr. McCoy made. For a while, all was fun for tween Adam as he visited dad on set and enjoyed answering fan mail but Spock was uber-popular and this took Leonard away from his family life far too often.

Leonard Nimoy gives the Spock saluteLeonard Nimoy gives the Spock salute

Spock in Popular Culture

We see some of the episode in which Leonard voiced the Mr. Spock action figure in episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” and learn how the Spock neck pinch, mind meld and “live Long as Prosper” hand signal originated. The modern Uhura, actress Zoe Saldana talks about why Spock is hot! Angelina Jolie also attracted to him. Writer Dorothy Fontana talks about the episode “This side of Paradise” in which Spock fell in love. His popularity growing, Leonard wrote poetry and recorded pop music albums.

Leonard Nimoy in 1970's Invasion of the Body SnatchersLeonard Nimoy in 1970's Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Cancellation and Life after Trek

After “Star Trek” was cancelled, Leonard was a lead in the “Mission Impossible” T.V. series and went on to do theater with roles in “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Camelot”, Oliver” and was in the 1970’s film remake of “The Body Snatchers”. By 1973, Leonard and son Adam weren’t on good terms. Adam went off to college and became a druggie “Dead Head”. “Star Trek” fan conventions started and Leonard participated. Scientists talk about how “Trek” inspired them as kids. Leonard appeared in all the new “Star Trek” feature films.

Adult Adam at a Star Trek conventionAdult Adam at a Star Trek convention


Finally in 2006, father and son made up and supported each other through difficult times. Leonard was slowly dying from C.O.P.D. after many years of smoking in his youth. Adam switches from entertainment law to being a director. The duo plans their Mr. Spock doc.

Leonard and Adam Nimoy on set in later yearsLeonard and Adam Nimoy on set in later years

Wrapping Up

Any documentary that makes me both laugh and cry gets a thumbs up in my book. For the Love of Spock is funny, sad and a really good examination of Leonard Nimoy’s entire career and the development of fan fave Mr. Spock as well. If you are a fan of early “Trek” or any of the Star Trek series of films, including the new ones, you really should see this heartfelt, interesting and entertaining documentary. It is also a great examination of a parent/child relationship that had its ups and downs. Maybe you can relate.

Adult Adam and his dad in a similar poseAdult Adam and his dad in a similar pose

We would say that a few of the incidents depicted seem out of order or “peppered” throughout the doc but that doesn’t detract from the cool information you get about a beloved pop culture icon, his son and his career. We go four stars.

For the Love of Spock Movie Rating:4

For the Love of Spock Movie PosterFor the Love of Spock Movie Poster

See For the Love of Spock in selected theaters and on demand starting Sept. 9th!


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